Lenticular art by Jong Soo Kwon at The Barracuda London

Gala Baracuda

Lenticular art by Jong Soo Kwon

The Barracuda London

Until the end of February 2014 the is a stunning exhibition of Lenticular art by Jong Soo Kwon in the White Room of the Barracuda jon kwoon

Jong Soo Kwon’s art has been exhibited in numerous countries around the world including the United States, Japan and his native South Korea. The upcoming show is the first time his work will be exhibited in Europe.The event will showcase 10 incredible lenticular creations from his “Feather Series” which tests the traditional boundaries of how the viewer interacts with two-dimensional art. His work presents a heightened sense of reality through the illusion of depth and space, giving the viewer an experience which is not achievable with conventional photography.

feathers (2)
I have included a full photo frame below so please allow it to load so you get the full effect of these amazing pictures

letic comp

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