Juke Slot the Next Step into Social Integration and Customer Interaction for the Casino Floor!

Juke Slot

Juke Slot The Next Step Into Social Integration and Customer Interaction

Well what is Juke Slot

A new way of communicating with your customers on the gaming floor, giving your customers what they want so they never have to leave where they are sat, a step closer to online gaming on the casino floor, Your favourite music, your favourite food, your favourite drink brought right where you are sat, for you the operator, efficiency in your floor staff, no need for them to wander around without purpose. Perhaps you could even measure yours staff’s efficiency !

The Juke Slot tablet kiosk is a universal device that is designed to attach to any electronic gaming machine on the casino floor. The kiosk includes a Card Reader for recognition of Player Reward cards and Credit Cards.

The tablet kiosk includes Internet Radio and a Social Networking capabilities that attracts younger players to want to spend more time at the slot machine!

Tablet kiosk backend includes a patent 3D Virtual Floor Plan that allows servers to locate and deliver orders at a never before speed!

The Tablet kiosk allows casino managers to input advertisements and promotions and send messages and alerts to all kiosks on the Casino Floor, with the Click of a Button!

Imagine you have an event at the end of the month, how do you usually promote that event, send the details of the event to the tablet, the potential customer could view it, confirm and pay for the event without the need to even leave his seat. You could even cross promote in your sister casinos if you already know from their loyalty cards that they frequent your other establishments. You could even generate income from suitable third party advertisers. The big match live, stream it to the tablet for free or even a small fee. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination. Take a look below see what it possible

The Juke Slot Player Rewards

Integrate into your existing loyalty program

juke slot player rewards

The Juke Slot Instant Messaging

Instant promotional platform

prizes juke slot

The Juke Slot Internet Radio

Music has played a major role in the casino industry for many years. From music themed casinos to legendary musician themed slot machines such as Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.

The following quotes are from case studies which reveal the impact of music on casino consumers:

“Music has the capacity to affect consumer’s perceptions of a particular environment (e.g. North 2003; Wilson 2003), their intended and actual purchase behaviour (Areni and Kim 1993; Radocy and Boyle 1997), and time spent in a particular environment (e.g. Fountaine and Schwalm, 1979; MilLiman 1982, 1986). ”

North and Hargreaves (1997) noted that music may have the ability to change psychological arousal or create relaxation.

Griffiths and Parke (2005) also hypothesized that, “Music has the potential to facilitate, stimulate, maintain and exacerbate gambling behaviour in some individuals. This could be due to the fact that familiar music may induce a feeling of enjoyment as it is recognizable to the individual and thus may entice them into playing (Griffiths and Dunbar 1997).”

“Familiar and liked music may lead players to gamble for longer periods of time as their behaviour may be reinforced by music’s presence. (Bramley, Dibben, Et Rowe).”

Juke Slot is the first device invented to allow a player to access their favourite music or song (via internet radio) while playing a slot machine!

Being that Juke Slot music can only be heard using earphones, it allows players to not be distracted by some of the most irritating, obnoxious players in the casino.

Juke Slot is a SOLUTION to avoid player distractions and allows players to enjoy the games while listening to their FAVORITE TUNES!

We all know in the industry that as soon as a player leaves their gaming chair for whatever reason the chances of them returning are reduced, one distraction leads to another distraction and ultimately leaving the establishment possibly with unspent revenue in their pockets.

Juke Slot Installation

It can be easily retrofitted to any existing electronic gaming cabinet, wireless connectivity

juke slot

Juke Slot an exciting new innovation for the Casino Floor what will you promote to your new captive audience,

For more details and a possible trial of this new product please contact us at C4D

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