Central Gaming Launches D1ce Triple Wheel In Grosvenor

Central Gaming Launches D1ce Triple Wheel In Grosvenor

Central Gaming

Central Gaming have burst onto the scene this year with a hand full of new games securing some trials with Grosvenor Casinos, firstly at the newly refurbished St Giles Casino in London with the game going live on the 31st of January 2014 and then at the G Luton on the 14th of February at their Valentines party with celebrity Stacey Solomon. I did take time to look at there product at ICE 2014 and also popped into the St Giles to take a look at the game on site. What has impressed me is that on the surface the product looks very well made and an excellent finish. Secondly the marketing of the product has been quite slick and innovative using traditional methods along with the use of social media and a few pretty ladies as well

The product also has the ability to be able to change the game on the gaming floor from the D1ce to Colors without to much down time, change the wheel flip the layout and there you go, new game, certainly  a great selling point for an operator. Will it be successful ? who knows what that magic formula is exactly, I have seen some great products which I was certain they would please the customer but only to be proved wrong, well we wish them all the best at C4D and only time will tell what the customers really think

Central Gaming The Games

Colors Triple Wheel has the potential to be one of the most exciting games to enter the gaming industry in many years – players will be spellbound waiting for the result of each of the three wheels; a player who has bet on a colour and has two of this colour after the result of two wheels will be excitedly awaiting the result of the third wheel, while the player with none of their colour will be anxiously waiting to see if the last wheel is the colour they have bet on.

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Having three of a colour pays up to 100 to 1, having two of a colour pays up 8 to 1 and having one of a colour pays up to 3 to 2. A player can still will win if only one of their chosen colours comes in.

D1ce triple wheel¬†is a fascinating new way to play a game of dice. It combines¬†the variation of complex card games with the mesmeric attraction of roulette¬†style wheel based result delivery. All of that comes without the off putting¬†complexity. A player bets on the outcome of the total sum of the three ‚Äėdice‚Äô. A¬†bet placed on the correct total of the three dice pays from 4 to 1 to 59 to 1¬†dependent on what the score is. A player may also bet on three of the same¬†number, which pays up to 59 to 1.

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The D1CE game is played with a Triple Wheel. Each wheel is divided into 52 equal compartments. The three wheels represent three four sided dice which are numbered from 1 to 4. The 52 compartments of each wheel consist of 13 compartments for each of the four numbers Рthis means that there are 13 ones, 13 twos, 13 threes and 13 fours. The numbers are not in numerical order. Players can place their bets on a number of positions on the table covering different outcomes.

About Central Gaming

Central Gaming is an exciting new entrant to the gaming market. Our stunning new products enable genuinely new and innovative games, created by gaming professionals who have a long standing history in the industry.

The product variants offer dealer driven and managed games that have the ability to deliver live results to electronic gaming systems both in the gaming venue and remotely via digital channels. The technology and fresh game design creates exciting theatrical on floor experiences for an audience that is hungry for change and innovation.

Our product line is unique and guaranteed to cause a sensation in the gaming market. We are truly excited that our products will give casino owners and gaming professionals the opportunity to create their own custom games that sit within their existing brand portfolios as well as opening up completely new opportunities.

Central Gaming Triple Wheel D1ce and COLORS from CentralGaming on Vimeo.

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Do they have a Winner in the competitive Casino Market, What do you say ? Central Gaming  

If you are launching a new product then please let us know at C4D we may be able to help 

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