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Bath Casino

Bath Casino ! Will it Happen, Who will Open the Bath Casino

Bath Casino The Bath and North East Council are to sit in May 2012 to discuss suitable partners for the Bath Casino venture and the small licence that is to be issued. Decision  Made Bath Casino Licence  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Originally  in the  first stage applications there were four interested parties in the ... »

Gala Casinos A History

Gala Casinos A History

Gala Casino History Now that the sale of Gala Casinos is on the cards I asked some one who worked at both  Stakis Casinos and Gala Casinos to put together a brief story of how they became Gala Casinos Group, as soon this may be the end of Gala as we know it today Sir Reo Stakis (born Argyros Anastasis) (13 March 1913 – 28 August 2001) was a Scottish-Cypriot hotel magnate, Stakis 1964 Stakis ... »

Gala Deal of with Grosvenor

Rank Gala Deal Back On

Rank Gala Deal Back on Rank are about to announce that the deal is back on the table, it has only been a few short weeks ago that the initial talks  has ended and the deal was definitely  OFF. Reported price this time is £200 m. Analyst said that previously the sticking points had arisen around the pensions and property that Gala no longer actually owned. The solutions to both problems now seem to... »