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I have been working at G Casino Walsall for six months now and I really wanted to do something for our charity Marie Curie. As a company Rank supports Marie Curie. Marie Curie provides support and assistance to those that are terminally ill with cancer. They provide either in care in 1 of 9 hospices or home care for their patients.
Any cancer charity is always close to my heart with my family history both my grandfathers have died of cancer and my mom has been diagnosed 3 times with cancer but amazingly recovered every time.

I decided to run the Robin Hood half marathon in Nottingham for Marie Curie, this then escalated out of control!

Kerry my co-crazy organiser was also running the Birmingham half marathon so I thought why not add all these miles together and get more people involved and well let’s pick a number……um… about 1407km?! Why that I hear you ask? Well that is the number of kilometres from Lands End to John O’Groats! Sometimes I wish I could think before I speak!!

Grosvenor G Casino Walsall

I threw the idea around, it started picking up momentum! By this point I personally had only been running 5 weeks after, I had to retire from rugby due to a back injury 2 years ago and had never been passionate about doing any sports after that, but this, this ignited a determination I have never felt before!

Wheels started in motion, I did 13.1 miles then 7 days later Team G casino Walsall took a team of 5 athletes (I use this term loosely) to The Worcestershire countryside for Dirtrun! 7+ miles of mud, uneven terrain, puddles, hills and more mud! It was a beautiful day, 4 completed the run with 1 completing 3 miles, due to injury.

The following week we took a team of 4 to the local This is a free event set up all over the country, our local run is at Walsall Arboretum, it is a free 5km run. It’s almost like a flash mob! That first week we went there must have been over 50 participants ready to go at 9am, by 10am the park had returned to normal! So as you can see we were already toting up the miles!

That brings us to this point now, I line up races every week for the staff of G Casino Walsall to enter. I am trying to get as many staff involved. They all laugh at me saying ‘I haven’t run a mile in my life!’

I always respond with it doesn’t matter how fast you run it’s about covering the distance as a team. It doesn’t matter if you walk it, run it, sprint it or even walk Team G Casino Walsall the dog while you do it, it all counts! My only stipulation is is that has to be an organised race!

Up until Christmas we have numerous events, Aldridge Poppy run 5 miles, Suicide 6 miler at Baggeridge Hall, Santa stroll 2 mile, or Santa run 4 miles, raceway 5km,10k  half marathon or marathon, my favourite that I looking forward to is 12.12.12 this is on the12.12.12 at 12.12 running 12.12km. This is as well as the park runs every Saturday.

With all these events we have to pay to enter, all of this comes out of our own pockets, so we are helping other charities along the way. We have set up a webpage to accept donations so please do visit.y Saturday!

As Team G Casino Walsall  we are aiming to raise 1 pound for each kilometre. So our goals is £1407 but if the money keeps coming in we’ll keep running! We are hoping to do this within a year, so Robin Hood half marathon 2013 should be our final race. I have committed to running my first marathon on April 7th in Blackpool! I have also suggested that if we make our target by next July I will do the Robin Hood half marathon in fancy dress probably as the Cookie Monster (again wish I would think before I speak!).

So that is where we are! I try to use our just giving page as a blog, updating it every other day and thanking those that have donated. (So Keep Visiting)

Thanks again for the time you have taken to read this,

Katy McGowan 

Started working in the Casino Industry in 1985, just never managed to leave as yet. Visited 99% of all UK Casinos, seen them all,

Katy has taken the time to write this short piece so PLEASE take the time to donate to this cause, Do It Today, Do It Right Now (because you know and I Know if you don’t do it NOW you never will) Good luck From all at C4D 

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Started working in the Casino Industry in 1985, just never managed to leave as yet. Visited 99% of all UK Casinos, seen them all,

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