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Grosvenor G Stockton Swishing


Have you heard of Swishing, do you know what swishing is, have all your friends been secretly swishing and you don’t know about it. I am not surprised if your best friend hasn’t told you about their secret addiction to swishing as then you would realise that their latest outfit may have cost a lot less than you thought.Why are we posting about swishing I hear you ask, well its just another event of many that takes place in your local Casino. Yes we have said before that you can visit your local Casino and you do not have to spend a penny. Well what is Swishing all about ! according to Wikipedia

Swishing refers to swapping an item or items of clothing or shoes or an accessory with friends or acquaintances. Parties must willingly give an item to participate in the transaction, once they have given an item they are free to choose something of interest from what others have offered.Value does not come into the equation, swappers do not necessarily get an item of equal value and are free to choose anything that the other person if offering (without having to pay). Swishing is now being more widely practised throughout the world, and has evolved to include other items such as books and furniture.Not only do people hold ‘swishing parties’ either as a charity event or simply for the enjoyment of it (while recycling and saving money at the same time) but, there are several websites that have online swishes taking place.

So basically that is it, you take along your unwanted items of clothing and then in return you are able to choose another item of clothing that someone else has brought along, a fuss free way of recycling your unwanted clothing and you can honestly say to your partner that the new outfit hasn’t cost a penny (well maybe a drink or two). If you would rather not leave the house to do your swish then check out these online swishing sites Swishing.com Swishing.co.uk

This latest Swishing event is to take place at Grosvenor G Casino Stockton and their rules and regs (kindly borrowed from their FB pag

G Swishing

Swishing – The new way to re-vamp your wardrobe for FREE! We all own items in great condition that we just wont wear again or may still have tags attached, so why not swap a dress for a couple of pairs of shiny new shoes?? Bring min 5, max 10 items with you and see what you can swap them with!? Clothes, Shoes, Handbags, Jewellery, hats, scarfs… (not earrings or underwear for hygiene reasons unless new with tags attached) Clothes will be graded on the afternoon in order of category for example: Primark, Supermarkets Clothing eg – Band 1 High Street: Topshop, New Look, Warehouse, Oasis ect – Band 2 Designer; Karen Millen, Paul Smith, Dior – Band 3 Clothes submitter’s will be given graded cards accordingly to items they have submitted and will be able to choose from the corresponding clothes rails/racks. Preview 6pm & Swish @ 6.30pm! All items must be in good condition and in a condition you would be happy to accept and wear yourself. Real live Ebay of sorts… we have changing facilities in our ladies toilets so no nasty surprises when you get home. The event is free to attend and any clothes left over unless reclaimed by the owner will be given to charity. So girls and boys, this event can only work well the more people that know about it, share it to your wall – invite your friends and spread the word! Who knows your pre loved Karen Millen Jacket could turn into a Mulberry handbag! (heres hoping!)

So will you be visiting your local Casino to start swishing or have you already attended one ? Let C4D know about your secret swishing experience

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