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Gongman Thanet

Search For A Gongman

SOMETIMES it is a hard job being a journalist, but when I heard that Grosvenor G Casino Thanet wanted a judge to help with their search for a Gongman competition, I jumped at the chance.

To celebrate Rank’s 75th anniversary, the organisation are holding a nationwide search for a new Gongman, the iconic figure seen at the start of the Rank films.

Grosvenor Gongman

Jay Thanet Possible Winner

The winner of the national competition will win a trip for two to Las Vegas, spending money and become Rank’s new Gongman, all for just striking the gong in a creative or unique way.

Everyone knows of the iconic Gongman, so I was positively salivating at the idea of watching burly men strip down and strike the gong.

The experience of judging turned out not to be quite as I imagined, but it was nevertheless a whole lot of fun.
This really is a super competition.

Not only will the winner receive a trip for two to Las Vegas and spending money, they will also become the new Rank Gongman, with a national publicity campaign.

All for just 30 seconds of filming.

As competitive as I am, I am therefore a bit biased towards the good entrants of Thanet.

I would LOVE to see one of the Thanet contestants walk away with the top gong (See what I did there? ;))

At G Casino Thanet’s in club heat it was going, going Gong.

There was a good turnout of around 20 entrants, who resisted staying at home to watch the Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor results in favour of smashing the gong.

It was great to see men and women of all ages taking part.

The youngest competitor was 20, the oldest 81.

This wide demographic of ages in the casino on a Sunday night, yet again shows that the club is more than just a gambling haunt, it is a venue for all adults.

So back to the gong.

Search for a Gongman


There were some interesting entries.Two ladies teamed up for a joint effort.A group of men embroiled in a testosterone fuelled battle followed, testing to see who could make the loudest gong.Staff members also took part, and everyone who participated was a great sport.

For the short term glory, there was a prize of a meal for two in the Gallery Restaurant up for grabs, awarded to the judge’s favourite entrant.

For me choosing a winner was easy.While all the entrants were fun, enthusiastic and enjoyable to watch, there was one that caught my eye.

The in-club prize and accolade went to Jay Turner for his fearless entry.Channelling Magic Mike, Jay donned a policeman’s uniform, that left little (and I mean little) to the imagination.

Hot, honed and devilishly delicious, it would have been rude not to have crowned Jay, Thanet’s winner.*Grosvenor’s nationwide search for a Gongman continues nationwide.Find out more by searching Twitter for @RankGongMan or visit

*For more details about G Casino Thanet, Westwood Cross call 01843 579999 or visit
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