Roulette betting systems

Roulette betting systems

Roulette is one of the trickiest games to be lucky on, especially if you’re looking to pick the exact number to win. Finding a system that can help you increase your chances against that house is incredibly difficult, because unlike games such as blackjack or poker, roulette is entirely random.

The gambler’s fallacy is always a trap worth avoiding. For those who don’t know what the gambler’s fallacy is, it is the idea that a previous event has an effect on the next round. For example, if you flip a coin 20 times and each and every time it lands on heads, the 21stflip is still just as likely to be heads as it is tails.

Here we will run through some of the betting systems that people have developed in order to beat the casino at the roulette table.

Martingale system

Arguably the most famous of the roulette betting systems, the Martingale system is designed for the red or black bet at the roulette table and not for individual numbers. 

In this system, the player doubles their bet after each loss. So if you bet £1 on red and lost, you’d bet £2 on whichever colour on the next one. Then if you lost again, you’d bet £4, then £8 and so on. Although in theory this system seems plausible, by applying the gamblers fallacy to it, there is no guarantee that you’ll end up winning. 

It’s also a very expensive system, as you have to double up each time you lose, meaning you be betting four-figure sums by the time you get to the 11thspin if you start out by betting £1.

A risky strategy that is only really worthwhile if you’re sitting on a huge bankroll. Otherwise, it’s probably best to avoid this one.

The James Bond

This strategy is more about hedging your bets. It’s one that can fail, but, if you play it right, and maybe mix in a bit of the Martingale system, you could come out on top against the casino.

In this strategy you take £100 and split it into three different bets. £70 goes on the high numbers (19-36), £25 goes on the six numbers 13-18 and then finally £5 goes on zero, just to be safe. 

If the ball lands on anything from 1 to 12, then you will lose your money and will have to try the Martingale system with this one to try and win it back. Any of the other outcomes will produce a profit. The high numbers will result in a £40 profit, the six numbers will produce a £50 profit, and if zero should come up, you’ll make an £80 profit.

You could easily lose out multiple times in a row with this system, again making it one to be used if you have a big bankroll.

The Paroli

When you’re on a hot-streak, the Paroli system will be one used, entirely unbeknownst to the player, as a way to increase the player’s profits.

It’s a simple system whereby if you win your first bet of £10, you double you stake for the next one (as you’ve now got more to play with), and then if you win the £20 bet, you bet £40 and so on until your streak comes to an end, at which point you simply restart from the original bet.

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