Racing Tips : He won £10,000 at the casino. Why stop betting?

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Racing Tips : He won £10,000 at the casino. Why stop betting?


Why Stop betting betting ? Because there is only one regular winner in the end

I could watch some random bloke in the bookmakers, bet in hand, and think ”what does he know?”  But what does he know?  The truth of the matter is unless you know really know someone they may be the best or worst gambler in the world. Although it is part of the human condition to make inferences, it doesn’t pay to think you know others.  It pays for each individual to question, reflect and learn from what they do in all aspects of life including gambling. I put the money in my pocket, or at least my stake, and conclude, with a smile: ”You won’t be winning anything from me tonight.”  There was a bloke at the casino with his wife, playing roulette.

She was standing by watching proceedings. He didn’t look like he had two five pences to rub together. But as I have said, it doesn’t pay to limit others. For all I know, he may have been the richest man in the room.


Started working in the Casino Industry in 1985, just never managed to leave as yet. Visited 99% of all UK Casinos, seen them all,

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