Playtech Step Up Usability On Mobile

Playtech Step Up Usability On Mobile

Playtech Step Up

After having an informal chat at ICE 2014 with a new Playtech employee I was very enlightened and very, well, difficult to say exactly as he was explaining their philosophy in business and customer service. To me it was the ultimate in customer service, so it was no surprise that that Playtech have grown so quickly and so successfully making a handsome profit along the way. The attention to detail was, well a little stunning actually. I do intend to dig a little deeper in the hope I can give you more insight into their winning ways and philosophy. So now the only surprise will be if Playtech are not the first to launch whatever new technology and ideas first

Playtech online gambling software licensor and developer is launching a unique tablet offering. It was created for Gala Interactive and according to the first responses it is a very promising one.
They created this solution basing on the Mobile Hub technology by Playtech. The main goal was to give players an exciting and new user interface based on new Playtech’s development framework and created by Gala Interactive together with Playtech. This framework is what gives the company opportunity to develop a customized and fully branded version for mobile offering of licensees that use Mobile Hub in accordance with the branding elements and specific requirements of the operator. So now Playtech can offer the licensees a team of good professionals who focus on development, design and creation of user interfaces that would be appealing and have a strong focus on the customers’ desires.
So the operators can now produce innovative and tailored user experience for their players. It is truly a new level for the mobile offerings of theirs! The fact of collaboration of the companies will also mean that the licensee is sure to have ability of production of offering to satisfy its special needs.

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