Pennsylvania plans mini-casino auction

Pennsylvania plans mini-casino auction

The Dilemma for any local Government


On one hand they have to be anti gambling to get the majority of voters on their side, on the other hand they cannot ignore the revenue that it generates for them.

Is the word Hypocrisy!

HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania gambling regulators will hold an auction Jan. 10 for the state’s existing casino owners to bid on the first of 10 licenses to operate a miniature casino somewhere else in the state.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board on Wednesday approved a schedule of auctions. Lawmakers authorized the new licenses in October in a scramble for cash to balance the budget.

Nine subsequent auctions will be held through May 16. The minimum bid is $7.5 million to operate up to 750 slot machines and buy a separate certificate to operate up to 30 table games.


Pennsylvania plans mini-casino auction – The Morning Call

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