Pennsylvania OKs betting online, in airports, at truck stops

Pennsylvania OKs betting online, in airports, at truck stops

Pennsylvania OKs betting online

When I first read this headline I was a little alarmed with the thought “Is nowhere sacred”

I have spent most of my working life within the gaming industry and its provided pretty well for me. I am not a pro gambler or either and anti gambler. I believe in freedom of choice. The option to choose, if you have disposable income and you wish to spend it on gambling then so be it,your choice.

Your choices should not be limited by a few who have no self control 

So should there be a location where one should not be able to gamble ? Stop and think If you own a mobile device then you can potentially gamble absolutely anywhere you wish, unless of course you have gambling restrictions where you reside. The only difference by passing a bit to allow such machines in a particular area is at local level. Locla taxes, local revenue to business or even perhaps individual incentives to allow certain activities.

The article states that rather than increase taxes to fill the deficit in their budget they should allow more gambling. Why not tax people and business on what the people want rather than tax everyone for your lack of planning and fore site.

enough said

Pennsylvania OKs betting online

Pennsylvania, the nation’s second-largest commercial casino state, is taking an even deeper plunge into gambling and will allow people to bet online, in airports and at truck stops.

With government leaders searching for money to plug holes in Pennsylvania’s tattered finances, Gov. Tom Wolf on Monday signed legislation authorizing a major expansion of gambling.

Under the measure, the state will become the fourth to allow online gambling, joining Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. It also makes Pennsylvania the first state to allow online play for both commercial casinos and its state lottery, as both go in search of newer and younger players.

Wolf, a Democrat, had not been enthusiastic about expanding gambling, but he entertained the idea in dealings with a Republican-controlled Legislature that saw it as a better option to balance the state’s persistent deficits than a tax increase.

Should there be places where you should not be allowed to gamble ? 



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