Online Presence Have You Got One ? Why Not

online presence

 Online Presence !

Do you have it, do you have your own piece of online space where you can express your opinion or explain what you do or what you have to offer in detail. Sure you have started with the usual social profiles.  LinkedIn, Facebook along with the Facebook Page to promote what you do. You may have the twitter account and a Google + profile and page of course but when you want to say more and keep it there forever unlike the timelines of social media that scroll past into the distance to be forgotten forever.

You need a website, your own personal online presence and the reason you haven’t got one is because.

You don’t know where to start

To expensive

You don’t have the expertise

You don’t have the time

Expensive to update

What if I told you it doesn’t need to be expensive, we can probably get you a basic setup within the day and then we can show you how you can update it yourself.  You can bolt on modules yourself (or we can) such as a SEO optimisation plugin, contact forms, social sharing buttons, feedburner setup, sitemap submission. Your imagination is probably the only limitation to what you could add to your website/blog. What are you waiting for why haven’t you got an online presence.

To get started you need to first get a domain name and hosting site, we use Go Daddy and to date they have been reliable and pretty easy to get along with and the support is first class.
Launch your Online Business with a £5.89 .COM!

Online Presence: Domain Name

This average cost is usually less than £10 (You can thousands if you want for some premium names) there is no need to spend that much trust me, you can get some .CO.UK domain names for just £2.99 a year, but what’s it to be, your name your company name or will you want it SEO optimised based around a service or product you supply. (We can help with that)

Online Presence: Hosting

Unless you have a few hundred thousand pounds for your advertising fund for your new online presence and will have thousands of visitors a day the basic starter packages will suffice.  GoDaddy have a sale on at present (13/11/2013) so hosting is around £3 a month for a 12 month period. We go for the deluxe package so we can have multiple domains on the same hosting plan. One for you all to see and one to practice with (were learning all the time as well)

online presence

Online Presence: Platform

We use the WordPress platform for all our websites/blogs and for the people we have already setup with an online presence. It’s a great platform to work with (after all there is some 72 million WordPress blogs, yes 72) So this means that people are constantly working on updates and new plugins, (plugins are the bits you can easily add to your site where all the difficult stuff is done already so all you have to do is install it oh and there is about 25,000 of these plugins) there is plenty of support and forums out there if you ever have a problem.

Online Presence: Themes

Themes, this is what is used to style your site, you can install it (or we can) and leave it as it is straight out of the box! Usually there are options so you can tweak things, change the colour, the background, the title, the header and all this is without the need to know a single piece of coding or programming. The most difficult thing you will have to do is “Choose one” trust me we are not sure if we have the right one still. (Still tweaking) There are thousands of FREE themes from around the web and then there is PAID PREMIUM themes and more thousands which offer more flexibility and tweaks. The bad news is you can change it until your heart’s content (or is that good) you could actually spend more time changing your WordPress theme than actually posting any content. To start your online presence all you need is the basics which give you a good looking functional site on a budget

online presence

Online Presencebusiness_lrg

So there it is what are you waiting for? Contact us at C4D let us help you along the way as you have no excuses any more, It’s not expensive, you have got the time as we will set you up, you don’t need to be an expert web designer we will help, it’s not expensive to update as we will show you how to update it yourself.

Oh and if you haven’t got any of the social media profiles setup as the above we can do that to and even manage your social media channels for you. Let’s start at the beginning before we take on the rest of the world.

Online Presence The Basics 

If you need a full professional service for website design we have that too. Contact us let us help you.

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