Novomatics Record Turnover Annual Report 2014

Novomatics Record Turnover Annual Report 2014

Novomatics Record Turnover

NOVOMATIC achieves record turnover and proves a sustained commitment to the Austrian group headquarters

With the acquisition of Gamstec and their public announcement that they are actively seeking to gain entry into the Casino service market in the UK C4D can only see that the global brand that is Novomatics is set to keep on rising and maybe surpass IGT’s turnover.

Press Release

o Turnover grew by 9.6 per cent to a historic max of 1.684 billion Euros.
o Employee figures grew by 15.6 per cent to 16,022.
o Adjusted for non-recurring effects the business year 2013 was a record year on the earnings side.

Europe’s largest integrated gaming group, NOVOMATIC AG, was able to increase its turnover for the business year 2013 by 9.6 per cent to a historic maximum value of 1.684 billion Euros. According to the Annual Report that was officially published on the ÖKB website, the group has increased its workforce by 15.6 per cent, employing an average of 16,022 staff throughout the past year – and thus meaning that 2,200 new jobs were created in 2013. The EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) amounted to 480.2 million Euros (2012: 523.8 million Euros).

In order to secure a sustained and stable market position in core markets such as Italy and Germany financial provisions were made throughout 2013, in order to be forearmed for the future years. Derogations in earnings can be accounted to a failed financial investment in a
local supplies discounter, currency depreciations – especially in Latin America – as well as the devaluation of capital assets. The annual net income in an economically still challenging climate reached the considerable sum of 55.1 million Euros (2012: 192.8 million Euros).
NOVOMATIC ranges among the world’s largest exporters of gaming technologies and entertainment expertise.

NOVOMATIC CEO Dr Franz Wohlfahrt commented: “Our dual business strategy has once again proved to be a formula for success. It secures the sustained viability of our group headquarters and technology competency hub in Austria. Additionally, we have shown that
the long-term protection of jobs remains more important to us than the maximization of profits.”

Also the accumulated, non-consolidated turnover of the NOVOMATIC Group, consisting of the NOVOMATIC AG as well as the two Swiss sister companies ACE Casino Holding AG and Gryphon Invest AG, rose to a new record level of 3.527 billion Euros (2012: 3.228 billion
Euros). The NOVOMATIC Group employs more than 20,000 staff worldwide, 3,000 are located in Austria.

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Novomatics Record Turnover

The Big 3, IGT, Novomatics and Bally are all competing for the biggest slice of the international casino suppliers market. Will it make the market more inventive and competitive, will there be any causalities between the big 3 ? of course the small players just may well get swallowed up along the way as these major players may be tempted to buy technology quickly rather than take the time to develop in house.

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