New Player In The UK Casino Service World Gamestec

New Player In The UK Casino Service World Gamestec

UK Casino Service

Now I think I can safely say that there has only been one major player in the UK Casino service for nearly 3 decades and that was TCSJohnHuxley (formerly TCS). Practically unchallenged in their outstanding service for all those years is quite an achievement. The Casino operators who chose to service their own equipment did so by employing Ex TCS employees to get themselves started. I would say that all the best Casino Techs have been trained by TCSJH or by a TCSJH trained tech and the source of all knowledge and standards are down to a few.

Wait, there is now a serious contender with great products, fantastic resources and a track record of being successful in all they have ever done. Could this be a change in the landscape of the providers of UK Casino Service. The company behind this significant shift and threat are Novomatics, Gamestec was purchased by Novomatic along with other significant companies.

UK Casino Service

Gamestec, the UK’s largest operator of pay-to-play amusement and gaming machines, has launched a new division to utilise its operationalUK Casino Service skills in the casino sector.

Branded Gamestec Casino Services, the outfit will deliver a service and repair facility for casino operators, initially concentrating on slot machines but eventually covering a broad spectrum of games and equipment.

Gamestec managing director Chris Butler believes that the move into the casino sector is a logical progression for the company given the significant backing of parent Novomatic combined with its own operating expertise.

Summarising the rationale behind the launch, he stated: “It makes perfect sense for Gamestec, one of the largest service providers in the industry, to now apply the experience and proficiency it has gained in the coin-op market to the casino space.

“It is important to underline, also, that we are already accustomed to working with casino style equipment thanks to products like iPub which clearly demonstrate the growing convergence between coin-op and casino.”

UK Casino Service

According to Mr Butler, customers will be able to rely on a dedicated workforce comprising specialists with considerable experience of servicing and repairing casino equipment.

UK Casino Service

Interesting is that Mr Butler states that you will be able to rely on an experienced  service team, where will that experience come from ? One of the major sources of income for TCSJH is it service of Novomatic Electronic Gaming Terminals and Novoline Slot machines. Will the powers claim back what they produce for themselves? I am sure the speculation will continue in the UK Casino Service until all hands are revealed.

Who will be top dog, Gamestec or TCSJH 

source Intergame Online

UK Casino Service

TCSJH still remain the top service provider within the UK Casino Scene, were they ever really in danger of losing their crown ? maybe for a while

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