ICE 2017 Totally Gaming ExCel London

ICE 2017 Totally Gaming ExCel London
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ICE 2017 Totally Gaming

Its that time of year again and the whole casino world (estimated 34 nations)  will be descending to ExCel London to see the new exciting products on offer for the gambling environment. Around 4 pm on the 06/02/17 most of the behind the scenes people should have finished, The stand builders, the technicians from each of the companies represented at ICE 2017.  There of course may a few stands not quire ready so the intensity of the workload at present will be a frantic panic.  Checking patch panels, testing networks reloading software trying to discover why their amazing product is not working the way it did last week back in their own office. You will notice them quite easily with their red faces along side  the sales directors shouting to the builders “When will IT BE READY”. It happens even when you have tested for months and everything has gone well but on the day it just doesn’t. There also may be the odd product that is not even market ready but with all the press releases and the promises the sales teams have made it still has to be there at the show, the thankless techs will stay behind the scenes using their smoke and mirrors to keep the product running so the general public and more importantly the buyers think all is tickety bo.

Will there be any new amazing ground-breaking product releases either in the technical side or the table games ? I doubt they will ever invent a game as popular as Roulette or Blackjack that has stood the test of time. In the electronic gaming will it just be another “touch bet ” cleverly disguised with lights, bells and whistles. The slot machine with a different theme.  How many actual buyers will be attending ICE 2017 and how many of the elite buyers will even have a budget to make new purchases to upgrade their gaming floors.  This is a massive costly operation to each and every exhibitor from the big guns to small booth wana be’s. It could prove more costly if you were not at the greatest show on earth.

Novomatics the largest exhibitor at ICE 2017 (and has been the largest for many years) has been a massive player in the gaming market for many a year and with their own innovative products seem to go from strength to strength (turnover touching 4 Billion Euros)  buying up any company that either stands in the way or could compliment their existing large portfolio of companies.


The tradition product makers for the casinos are also there. Camaegh and TCS John Huxley the greatest manufactures or Roulette wheels in the world, who makes the best ? I have seen them both made from scratch and it really is a tough one to call. The finest table maker in the world Abbiati .

Playtec and Micro Gaming the giant software providers to virtually all the gambling sites around the world. The list is endless of companies wanting to make their own fortune in the world of gaming along with the 3+ days of courting potential new buyers and business partners.

Media, we must give them a mention, every industry magazine, website news reporter will also be there this year, well except one that is !

The Visitors to ICE 2017

The buyers

The Holy grail of visitors spanning from 34 nations

or potential buyers should we say, visiting each stand with their great plans to revamp their properties somewhere in Eastern Europe, whilst the sales team plies them with free food and drinks during the day and with the potential  to supply even more freebies until the early hours of the morning. They will be there until the dying minutes of the show whilst they get treat like royalty.

Exhibitors Back Office Staff

All done with the best intentions of engaging the staff with what they have all contributed to for the last 12 months, all very true as each employee helps the journey to success or failure of the companies they work for. However for the staff it’s a day out of the office, a break from the norm a chance to get a few free beers and an insight into the rest of the gaming world, of course if they stay sober long enough.


The ones who take off there ID badge and do the walk around the other stands looking at their product, Every year it’s the same skulking around ExCel like  wana be Jason Bourne convinced that they will not be noticed poking their heads under the bonnets of the machines. Holding up product catalogues to try and disguise themselves even though some “Brands” all wear the same suit !. As they are approached  they either grab the phone (which of course isn’t ringing) look very intense in discussion and walk off or look up wave across the room and pretend they have seen someone they know and quickly make an exit.

The Freebee collectors

You can spot these a mile of as they have at least 4 bags of promotional calendar, rubbers, pens, bottle openers, mouse mats, mini screwdriver set, balloons, sweets, note pads, every business card from the stand and any food they have managed to squirrel away as well. You cant blame them for the food its not cheap in ExCel.  One year I even spotted a professional junk collector with his own grandma shopping trolley, it was full to the top but I had to ask him if he wanted ours knowing full well he had no room left, of course he took it and just carried it in the other hand.

The Talent Spotters

If you have been to any ICE you will understand what these people do, I am not referring to the talent of singing and dancing here. The lengths some companies got to ICE 2017 just to get you onto the stand. Oh well you cant just keep looking at the cabinets and flashing lights all day   Can You !

The Casino Staff

Sold to their line managers as a fact finding day, most of the facts they will discover is the ABV% in each branded bottle of larger

The Potential Employees

Armed with his/her Filofax of every single person they have met in the industry causally strolling around each stand. The face full of smiles, welcomes, haven’t seen you in years bud how are you doing etc etc etc and then the wrinkles of disappointment when they realise there or no potential employment opportunities  Of course people will always be looking for work as the technologies move forward or direction

  The Ex-Employee with the next New Great Product

Everyone has the desire to be the next James Dyson or Trever Baylis but if it was easy then we would all be doing it, but like a seasoned pro they pull out there ideas and continue to talk to their old friends about the next ne amazing   “yawwwwwn”  However there is a place to go so you may still keep your friends. Its called  tell them how amazing it is and someone may even invest in you.

If there is any new amazing launces we will of course try to keep you posted

ICE 2017 The Greatest Show on Earth 

Started working in the Casino Industry in 1985, just never managed to leave as yet. Visited 99% of all UK Casinos, seen them all,

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