iBeacon Could It Be The Future Of Customer Retention In Casinos

iBeacon Could It Be The Future Of Customer Retention In Casinos
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iBeacon Could It Be The Future

The Future of Customer Retention

iBeacon, have you ever heard of this new technology and how as casino operators could it possibly help you? Well the iBeacon is an indoor positioning system, a new class of low powered low cost transmitters that can notify nearby iOS7 devices of their proximity and it can also operate via the Android system. The system works on Bluetooth technology, BLE Bluetooth Low Energy to be precise. iBeacons can transmit notifications of things that are around you, things that you may not have noticed before or you have ignored them because they are part of the landscape. Imagine you have a bank of new £10,000 Jackpot machines ( I know as operators you are well aware of them, you have been petitioning for years for changes) but to the average Joe they are exactly the same machines as they were last week (Yes I know you have a few signs up advertising them but are they read) No because average Joe has got his face stuck in his phone reading his twitter timeline or just checking in on foursquare (Do you use foursquare to its potential anyway) So, Joe is walking past the bank of slot machines looking at his phone and the beacon sends out a message to his phone he reads it “New £10,000 Jackpot Machines Just In” what would be the increase in uptake if you had that kind of target marketing to your Audience

Beacons and placement

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There are now several manufacturers making these beacons and development packages and they all come in similar sizes, Small !  You could literally cover your casino with these beacons and place them anywhere you desired, either as just information points or enticers, sorry I meant enhancements to your customers, and the other great thing is that you can collect all the data as well so if you dont want to send out the same message in any given time frame you can control that and many other features as well.

How To Place Bets

How To Place Bets

Content From Beacons

We had a little brainstorm here at C4D and skyped a few old pro’s from the industry (The Casino Industry Thank YOU!) and the list we came up with was amazing and nearly endless but I will try to make sense of some of the possibilities that we came up with.

i Beacons

Just The Start

New Members, you could give them a minimap of your establishment telling them whats where along with the first time offers and discounts or how to guides on any of your games, perhaps there not even members and they have never been through your doors, tell them what they could expect if they went inside, you could opt for non gaming facts for example the history of the building at the Grosvenor Piccadilly Casino, the secluded outside smoking balcony at the Empire or the smoking terrace in the Hippodrome (that place does need a map), how to play sessions!

Regular Visitor Gaming, You can collect the data and really get to know their habits in the casino and target them with what they really want rather than the general cluster bomb emails of one size fits all. It may even be possible to calculate how long a customer usually stays at your casino and 15 mins before they usually leave send them an offer, better still as they walk out of your casino send them an offer they can’t refuse for their next visit. Suspected problem gambler? no problem send them the info

iBeacon Payments

Another exciting part of the iBeacon jigsaw is the ability to take payments through this technology and the company working on this integration is PayPal, PayPal Beacon now opens up another myriad of alleys and avenues of possibilities ( your childrens children will never see real money in their fingers) Buy in at the table through the IBeacon !!!


Do remember that information is privileged, all this information is collected and given over bluetooth and as consumers we could quite simply turn off “Bluetooth” The art form will be in deciding what and how often to send to your customers and when you have got past all newbies information, Content will be key. Will it be able to be driven from a head office location or will it need more regional personalised messages.

Will you be using the new technology to enhance your customers experience 

Definitions & Info

a few simple definitions:

Beacons: A beacon is any device that transmits a signal which allows another device to determine its proximity to the broadcaster. In a store, a beacon lets a customer’s app determine that it’s close to the candy aisle. The beacon doesn’t transmit content, it simply transmits a signal that lets a user’s phone or tablet figure out what its proximity to the beacon. The content (a coupon, for example) is delivered separately to the user’s app.

Bluetooth Low Energy: This is the specification for one type of signal that beacons transmit. There are other types of signals that power beacons (e.g. audio signals) but Bluetooth LE has the advantage that it is low energy and is ‘native’ to most modern phones and tablets.

iBeacon: The term iBeacon and beacon are often used interchangeably. But iBeacon is a trademarked term by Apple that refers to the protocols, devices and uses of Bluetooth LE to create user experiences. Apple is vague about what it specifically means by an iBeacon. We take the definition to include the software protocols inside a user’s app, the use cases and user experiences, and the specifications that Apple requires of any beacon that can be called an iBeacon. They have not yet released those specifications.

Devices: The list below includes all devices that are capable of Bluetooth LE broadcasting. But a device can include other functionality. An iPhone, for example, can be programmed to act as a beacon. But it obviously does a whole lot more. Similarly, a beacon in a store can transmit Bluetooth LE signals, but they can also detect humidity, temperature, acceleration, or include modules for WiFi.(Great Resource Pages on iBeacons)

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