Grosvenors Got Talent 2013 at Grosvenor Walsall

Grosvenors Got Talent 2013 at Grosvenor Walsall

Grosvenors Got Talent 2013

Friday Night looking for somewhere to go for a good night out ?. Well I Went to a Casino, A Grosvenor Casino in Walsall and I got to take my good lady along with me as well. Why was I there ? Well I have spent most of my adult life in casinos and I could think of no better way to spend a night, but this night I got invited to be a judge on the Grosvenors Walsall heat of Grosvenors Got Talent Night. Nervous ! You bet I was. It was the first time I had ever done anything like this and if it was going to be anything like the X Factor where you have to pass comment on there performance then I was bricking it. What do I know ? Well only my opinion (and I have occasionally cried at X Factor) so perhaps I might have a feeling for what moves me.

Grosvenors Got Talent 2013 : The Food


To start the night we sat in the G Casino Walsall restaurant and it was the first time I had eat at a Grosvenor casino since they had changed the menu so I was looking forward to the change. I have had someone review the menu previously at G Thanet but this night it was my turn to savour the delights, oh and the good lady.

To start with I had the Salmon Nicoise and my wife had the Stilton Glazed Mushrooms. To be completely harsh the salmon was bordering on being a little dry and over cooked BUT the rest was fabulous, olives tasty, the potatoes drizzled with butter and moist. The tomatoes sweet tasty and succulent. Then there was the boiled eggs cooked perfectly, slightly moist in the middle. Everything was complementary to each other. The Stilton Mushrooms (Of course I tasted them, I love my food!) they were fantastic oh YUM IMG_4243

Mains, I had steak as usual a nice juicy fillet cooked “Blue”seasoned to perfection. the sides where onion rings, chips, field mushroom and a tomato. All very good. The wife had a medium sirloin steak which was also excellent (yes tried it) but i wasn’t here for the food really. Did we have deserts ? No we did not ! we were more than sufficiently satisfied with what we had but if you would like to see the full Grosvenor Menu or the previous Grosvenor Casino Menu review click the links

Grosvenors Got Talent 2013 :The Judges

Grosvenor Talent Winner Danny Jones

Last Years Winner

Myself (of course) Danny Jones (last years winner of Grosvenors Got Talent) and Jo a local hairdresser and salon owner (frequent visitor to the casino but not a gambler) So from the line up there was a least one person who knew what they were talking about.

Grosvenors Got Talent 2013 The Talent

Well it was diverse to say the least. Twelve contestants in all (one entered on the day and was a regular visitor to the Grosvenor Casino) They were mostly singers but we did have a magician. Speaking of talent we had a Samantha Rouge (AKA Tom) to host the event, very risky, very naughty and absolutely fabulous entertainment. The local heat consisted of 2 rounds on the night and were judged on

Stage Presence, Star Quality, Crowd Reaction and ,,,,,,,

The crowd watched as the first contestant took to the stage area in the casino and after a sterling performance and a stunning voice Lee got a massive round of applause not just because he was the first in the stage because he was very very good. So the standard was set and along came the others and to be honest it was talent after talent. Samantha Rouge gave each act a fantastic introduction along with his occasionally

Talent samantha rouge

Dawn and Samantha

cheeky risky remarks. As judges we tired to give encouragement and not much negativity, but to be honest we didn’t need to be as the standard of the acts was really high.

The Competition takes place at all of the Grosvenor Casino’s across the UK, The winner of each event is picked by the accumulated scores from the judges and then there is an opportunity for the crowd to have their say by donating a pound into the contestants collection tub of whom they would like to go through. The is a fantastic idea as not only do friends and family get to support there acts but at the same time all the monies raised go to the Grosvenor Charity of the year which is Marie Curie. The winners of the heats get to go to the Big Final which will take

place at the Grosvenor G Casino in Coventry on the 4th of October 2013 and a potential £1000 prize where they have a dedicated show area called the Lady G Bar.

This heats winner of Grosvenors Got Talent 2013

G Walsall First Heat Winner

G Walsall First Heat Winner

If you would like to Enter the next heat at Grosvenor G Casino Walsall on the 27th of September contact Dawn at the club on 01922-645222

Talent Show 2013 walsall

Grosvenors Got Talent 2013 : Will You Be The Next Winner ?

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