Grosvenor Poker GUKPT Tour Dates

Grosvenor Poker GUKPT Tour Dates

The Grosvenor Poker GUKPT Tour

Started back in 2007 so this is the 5th year of this successful Poker Tournament.

All the venues are in the G branded casinos except 2. The first one is the Grosvenor Casino Blankenberge in Belgium.

The second non G is the Prestigious Grosvenor Victoria where the GRAND FINAL  is to be held on the 30th Nov-2nd December

Main Tour VenuesFestival DatesMain Event Buy-InMain Event Dates
Leg 1 – G Casino, Bury New Rd, Manchester22nd-29th January£1,000 + £7027th-29th January
Leg 2 – G Casino, Walsall11th-18th March£1,000 + £7016th-18th March
Leg 3 – G Casino, Stockton8th-15th April£500 + £50 Deep Stack13th-15th April
Leg 4 – G Casino, Thanet22nd – 29th April£500 + £50 6-max27th-29th April
Leg 6 – Belgium3rd-10th June€1,000 + €708th-10th June
Leg 7 – G Casino, Plymouth1st-8th July£500 + £50 Deep Stack6th-8th July
Leg 8 – G Casino, Bolton15th-22nd July£500 + £50 6-max20th-22nd July
Leg 9 – G Casino Coventry & Goliath 201219th-27th August£1,000 + £70/ £100 + £2025th-27th Aug /22nd-27th Aug
Leg 10 – London Grosvenor Victoria16th-23rd September£1,000 + £7021st-23rd September
Leg 11 – G Casino, Luton14th-21st October£1,000 + £7019th-21st October
Leg 12 – G Casino, Blackpool4th-11th November£1,000 + £709th-11th November
Grand Final – Grosvenor Victoria Casino, London24th Nov-2nd December£2,500 + £12530th Nov-2nd December

Online Qualifaction through Grosvenor Poker GUKPT

Qualify for a GUKPT Main Event on Grosvenor Poker through our simplified structure with feeders and satellites into a three seat guaranteed freezeout every Wednesday and a one seat guaranteed rebuy every Sunday.

The Wednesday Super Satellite takes place at 8pm each week. Direct buy-in is £150 + £12 but two seats are guaranteed daily from the weekly schedule of feeder satellites.

The Sunday Rebuy Super Satellite takes place at 8pm each week. Direct buy-in is £50 + £5 but one seat is guaranteed daily from the weekly schedule of feeder satellites.

Grosvenor Poker GUKPT  Competition and General Rules

1. Cards should remain in view at all times.

2. The following are misdeals before any betting: During the initial deal it is discovered that there is a boxed card Failure to cut the deck Players announcing the wrong amount of cards Two or more exposed cards on the initial deal Card/s leaving the table due to dealer error

3. If a card is exposed on the initial deal the burnt card from the flop will replace it.

4. Prior to completion of the betting a card exposed in error by the dealer will be shuffled back into the remaining live deck. If 2 or 3 cards of the flop have been dealt then the flop will stand. Any player who has missed their turn to act will have automatically checked or any player who has not called a bet/raise will have a dead hand.

5. A boxed card discovered during the hand will only be shuffled back in to the live deck when it comes into play and only if it makes up any part of the community cards.

6. Players are responsible for their cards and must take precautions to ensure they are not removed from play. If a dealer kills an unprotected hand the player will have no redress and will not be entitled to a refund of bets. However, if a player had raised and the raise had not yet been called, the raise will be returned to the player.

7. A player’s hand remains live until it has touched the muck or burn cards. Any live hand that has been mistakenly released over the action line may be retrieved, however, the player will be penalised from making any further action for the remainder of the hand.

8. All games are table stakes only, a player may not be bet out of a pot, they may call all in and a side pot will be formed.

9. String betting is not permitted. A string bet is defined as going back for more chips or using your bet to unfairly gain an advantage.

10. Placing a single oversized chip in the pot will be deemed a call. A raise will only be accepted where it is an obvious raise, such as, placing two chips into the pot where one chip would suffice.

11. The 50% rule will apply if a player throws in the wrong amount of chips. An amount thrown in over half of the bet they are facing will be a call. An amount thrown into the pot that exceeds a call by more than 50% of the last bet/raise will be deemed a minimum raise.

12. Players must not expose cards during a hand. If a player exposes a card/s they will be allowed to call only, they may not make any further action for the remainder of the hand and they will receive a penalty.

13. A statement of pot in a no limit game is not a recognised term but the player must make a bet.

14. All Bets out of turn will stand and may not be removed from the pot. A player who bets out of turn will be penalised for the remainder of that betting round only. A statement of bet or raise out of turn without an amount being expressed will be taken as a minimum bet/raise. In a no limit game a “Pot” bet/raise out of turn will be taken as a minimum bet/raise and may not be removed from the pot.

15. Verbal declarations of “call”, “raise”, “fold”, “pass”, or “all in” are binding regardless of whether or not they are in turn.

16. “Under raises” are permitted if a player is going all in. Showdown Rules

17. The player who made the last aggressive action is first to show.

18. Any player who has voluntarily contributed to the pot may request to see a passed hand.

19. To win a pot that is played to a conclusion, all cards must be face up on the table.

20. Too few or too many cards will render the hand dead

21. Players must always comply with the table minimum and maximum.

22. Cash is allowed to play but the amount must be clearly announced to the table and will be changed for chips at the earliest opportunity.

23. Foreign currency is not allowed to play.

24. When transferring from one table to another a player must always sit down with the same amount of chips as was in play at the previous table.

25. Players may overplay but must use a play overbox to protect the original player’s chips. Competition Rules

26. When a tournament begins the deal will always start from position 1.

27. The hand will have started when the Riffle shuffle has started.

28. Players must be at their playing position by the time the last card is dealt or their hand will be deemed dead.

29. Upon an “on-their-backs” cue, all live cards must be placed face up on the table.

30. When heads-up the small blind is on the button and acts first.

31. Spectators may not sit behind players in the competition area.

32. Tournament play will use a dead button.

33. The House reserves the right to alter the blind/ante structure. Self-Deal Rules

34. In games where no House Dealer is provided, the cards will be shuffled by the player on the Dealer’s left and cut by the player on his right. There are no exceptions to this rule.

35. In self-deal games the initial deal may be dealt from the hand (provided a cutting card is used to protect the bottom of the deck), for the remainder of the hand the cards must always be spread on the table and not dealt from the hand.

36. Poker is an individual game. The one-player-to-a-hand rule will be enforced and soft play will result in a penalty.

37. Any concealed chips may not be allowed to play. High denomination chips must be clearly visible to all players.

38. The right to dispute a hand ends when a new hand begins.

39. Only English is to be spoken at the table whilst a hand is in progress.

40. The “show one player show all” rule applies.

41. “Rabbit hunting” is not allowed.

42. Repeated etiquette violations will result in penalties. Examples include, but are not limited to, unnecessarily touching other players’ cards or chips, delay of the game, repeatedly acting out of turn, excessive chatter, offensive or aggressive behaviour.

43. Any player at the table can call for a clock after a reasonable amount of time has passed. When the Supervisor arrives at the table a one-minute clock will be given, the final 10 seconds will then be counted down, if the player has not acted after the minute is up then their hand will be dead.

44. Any player making statements or taking action that could unfairly influence the course of play, whether or not the offender is involved in the pot, will be penalised.

45. The house has the right to prohibit any two players from playing in the same game.

46. The supervisor may at any time ask a spectator to move away from the table.

47. The conditions of a game may not be changed without the permission of the Supervisor.

48. The supervisor has the right to try and reconstruct a hand and award the pot to the rightful player if required.

49. The following penalties may be used dependent upon severity of the situation- Warning Dealt out for two hands Dealt out for one complete round Dealt out for two complete rounds Disqualification or restriction from play

50. The Supervisor’s decision is final. Grosvenor casinos reserve the right to change these rules or apply different rules where appropriate.

Grosvenor Poker GUKPT  

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