Government Takes Action On FOBT’S Well Nearly Maybe

Government Takes Action On FOBT’S Well Nearly Maybe

Government Takes Action On FOBT’S

Well nearly as they give out a 12 week consultation just to ensure they do not make an rash decisions. Will they be busy with excel spreadsheets calculating how much money the local councils will lose in rent and rates as they close a few bookies down on the high street because the profit margins will no longer be viable.

They plan to half the amount anyone can stake on a FOBT by at least 50%, so it could be down to as little as £50. That could create extra jobs in the mule market as it will take people and organisations at least twice as recycle  the money. Of course if that kind of activity ever took place and there is no documentation to say as much. The other jobs that will be created is the legislation people looking for creative loopholes within the gaming law.

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They go onto say they may investigate the spin speed of roulette ! well if your in the industry you know there is already spoon limits on mechanically automated roulette wheels and there has been for a long time. So the new training for your PFL will give you the ability to spin the ball around the roulette wheel 50 times at least. The other option would be to get them to count unto 50 between spins and then shout “spinning ready or not”  if anyone is left at the roulette table that is. You all know what happens when you shuffle cards at the table.

Government Takes Action On FOBT’S

They plan to tighten the online gaming laws as well to protect those that do gamble online. It isn’t clear if this will extended to the Lottery which has slowly crept up to £2.50 a ticket for the Euro Millions where it is quite easy to spend £20 in 3 seconds. They also plan to spend up to 7 million a year on an advertising campaign to warn us of the dangers of online gaming. I hope its not just on the TV as most gamblers don’t watch the unless its of course the late night gambling show.

  • Raising standards of player protection for online gambling – The Gambling Commission will consult on changes to the Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice next year, with the aim of raising standards on player protection online and will set out expectations to the industry around customer interaction online.

If they want to track and monitor FOBT players the solution is quite simple do the same as casinos make it a compulsory membership to be able to play the FOBT’s with clear identity checks. Limits can also be set on the machines with credit limits in and out just like the electronic gaming terminals in the casinos. It could be even tighter control of the FOBT machines by having no cash payouts and only Tito (Ticket In Ticket Out). The technology is already there in place so its just a political and financial decision because where there is money we know there is power.

There is good news for the Bingo industry where they have raised the limits from £1 to £2 which will greatly increase the turnover and profits by a clear 50%. Wait  the prizes has gone from £70 to £100 and if my math is correct that is not quite a 50% increase the same as the stake.  Just read back or the full press release form the government saying they want to protect the PUBLIC. !

Government Takes Action On FOBT’S

You have to read down to the article in the Guardian and the Mayor of Newhams comments. The 2005 Gaming act originally gave out 7 large licences and the first to open was Apsers Stratford and the licence was awarded by Newham Council. The irony is that part of the bidding process for the casino licence was how much the operator was willing to give to the Newham council to aid in the redevelopment of the area. That is money / profits from gambling, is there a distinction or an acceptable place you can take monies with a clear conscience. Maybe the lotto as thats not gambling is it !.

Recently Newham Council have tried to block a licence for a betting shop that got declined. However in recent studies its not the betting shops that create the problem in particular hamlets it is the exactly the opposite. All betting shop operators are business, they look at the market place and if its suitable then they open a new shop. They do not take the risk of opening a new business and hope to create a market, the bookies are consistently successful for a reason.

Government Takes Action On FOBT’S

The Telegraph

Government Takes Action On FOBT'S

The industry has been bracing itself for a tougher stance after all of the main opposition parties including Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Democratic Unionist Party – which now gives the Conservatives their majority in Parliament – campaigned to cut stakes to £2.

The DCMS also announced that industry players would collaborate on a two-year responsible gambling advertising campaign, while the Committees of Advertising Practice would draw up new guidelines for the sector.

Gambling minister Tracey Crouch said: “It is vital that we strike the right balance between socially responsible growth and protecting the most vulnerable, including children, from gambling-related harm.

One industry analyst, who did not want to be named, told The Telegraph earlier this week that a further debate on what stakes could be was unnecessarily time consuming.

But John White, chief executive of the British Amusement Catering Trade Association (Bacta), said he understood why the Government would want a consultation period on its choice of stakes.

“There has to be due process,” he said. “The reason for this is that the Government is very conscious how controversial the issue is.”


Government Takes Action On FOBT'S


The Guardian

Bookmakers, who have warned that shops will close if maximum stakes are cut, are expected to lobby for the £50 option during a 12-week consultation period ending in January.

Fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) are machines, found largely in bookmakers and betting shops, that allow customers to stake up to £100 every 20 seconds on digital versions of games such as roulette.


Figures from the UK’s leading GambleAware show that 233,000 FOBT users lost more than £1,000 in one sitting last year, while 650 people lost more than £5,000 and one person lost £13,778.


It depends on the outcome of a 12-week consultation. If maximum stakes are cut to £2, bookmakers say shops will close en masse and problem gamblers will get their fix elsewhere. If stakes are cut to £50, it will be business as usual for bookmakers, with campaigners warning that gamblers will continue to make huge losses. Something in between seems the most politically palatable option for the government.

The DCMS will also consider slowing the pace at which bets can be made, from the current interval of 20 seconds.

Labour’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, said the review was “deeply disappointing”, while shares in Ladbrokes and William Hill rose, indicating that investors thought the review relatively lenient.

Robin Wales, the mayor of Newham in east London, criticised the government’s decision to consult further on reducing maximum FOBT stakes. In a letter to the Guardian he said: “It is over a year since the review was launched and the response is to kick the issue into the long grass with yet a further consultation. Newham residents cannot afford any further delay… Last year, in Newham alone, it is estimated that nearly £20m was lost on FOBTs. That is the price some of our poorest and vulnerable residents are paying because of this government’s continued inaction.”


Government Takes Action On FOBT’S

Yes people do have genuine medical problems with their addictions and need help, most of us are all addicted to something, its human nature so I still believe that its all about  life choices and your own responsibilities. It is your own choice to walk in OR walk past the door to a gambling establishment  The blame lies with you alone at not anyone else.

The shadow government of course states that they haven’t gone far enough and they would have done more ! standard practice. Who introduced the 2005 gaming act ?

For those who do need help Gamble Aware is the place to start.

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