Gameplan Rank’s approach to Regulatory and Fiscal Reform

Gameplan Rank’s approach to Regulatory and Fiscal Reform

Gameplan Rank’s

In April 2013 Rank published a exposition outlining there approach to fiscal and regulatory reform. So what is it exactly they want from the reforms, is it for the benefit of the customers or the shareholders. Rank is of course a major employer having over 8000 staff members serving over 120 communities which in turn has a large financial effect, firstly in the local area’s where the wages are spent and secondly the amount of taxes its employees and the company pays into the countries coffers.

“We can contribute a great deal more to life in Britain through job creation and economic development, Game plan Ian Burke revenue generation for government, our work in communities and our capacity to bring people together for shared experiences. We want to do our best but, like any business, we need our government to support us.”
Ian Burke Chairman and Chief Executive The Rank Group Plc

Gameplan Cutting the Red Tape

Rank refers to the 2005 Gaming Act and its restrictions particularly the taxation in gaming and its unnecessary complexities claiming if these were simplified and reduced that then in turn they could offer greater value for money for the customer. It is also refreshing that they do not hide that fact it is also to increase their commercial gain at the same time.

Gameplan and Responsible Gaming

Rank recognises that there are people who may be vulnerable to problem gambling and sets out the following to help combat this inherent condition.

• Research – to help us understand the causes of problem gambling behaviours;

• Communication and advice – to prevent the incidence of problem gambling by educating customers;

• Training – to enable our team members to recognise the symptoms of problem gambling and where appropriate to intervene with assistance;

• Funding – via the Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT) to support the work of research, counselling and treatment for problem gamblers carried out by organisations like GamCare

Gameplan Ranks Proposal to Open and Engagement

  • We will be open Minded 
  • We will be positive
  • We will be energetic
  • We will be inventive
  • We will be evidence based
  • We will be professional
  • We will be open and transparent

Gameplan What Rank Want

There are many things that they would like but the main points are to reduce the Bingo duty from 20% to 15%, the right for local councils to decide if a Casino Licence is right for their local communities, increase in the allowed 20 automated gaming machines regardless the size of the casino up to 150 to bring into line with the 2005 large Casino Licence.

Gameplan Rank

There are many more things that they would like and a lot of if,buts and maybe’s but at C4D we believe if done correctly this can be a positive step forward as at the end we are all responsible adults and its one of the many life choices we have to make, after all there are many things to do in a casino apart from gamble.

Gameplan what do you say ? is it right or wrong or even much more complex than that Read the full proposal yourself be informed 

Rank Grosvenor Casino are close to securing 19 of the Gala Casinos which would make them the largest operator in the UK

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