Gambling Act 2005 Review Outcome Stakes and Prizes Rant

gaming review 2005
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2005 Review Outcome Stakes and Prizes

So finally the stakes and prizes have changed a little and only three years before it gets reviewed again but wait is it a good deal for the punters ? £5 stake to win £10,000 or maybe £20,000 on a progressive linked bank of slot machines. £20,000 hardly life changing in this day and age is it, and if you think about it will cost you £100 for 20 spins, whats that about 3 minutes entertainment and at a price too. You could spend £2 on the lottery with the chance of winning millions and that is life changing

2005 Review Outcome Stakes and Prizes

So in the land of the most regulated gaming laws you can spend £5 at a time per spin, yes the government feels its done their bit to protect the public and ticked those little boxes in their office. Also in the hope to be seen to be responsible, steady , safe and to ultimately get votes to stay in power (which ever party is in power at the time) Casinos are full of staff full of people and if you win you usually get a ticket so you have to go to the cash desk to cash out, you are then noticed buy another human and if you win over a certain amount you will be really noted (money laundering laws) at present no one is 100% sure how much you have spent and the government has touched upon this as below

20. The majority of casino operators felt the most effective player protection programmes currently available involved trained floor staff intervening when players appeared to be in trouble. The industry argued that player identification measures (such as loyalty or members
cards) were less effective because of the inconvenience to customers of carrying cards or because problem players prefer to remain anonymous and will simply migrate to more anonymous forms of gambling. However, they also noted that anecdotal evidence in other
jurisdictions showed that hard or problem gamblers were more likely to obtain cards than recreational or casual players. It is further noted by the industry that more sophisticated player protection technology which identifies risky patterns of play is available but is expensive to procure, and may not be cost effective for businesses with a small number of machines. This point was reinforced by the claim that while the B1 market remains restricted to twenty machines per casino (1968 licences) the industry has less influence over manufacturers or capacity for trialling and experimentation. taken from the report

2005 Review Outcome Stakes and Prizes

In reality it is quite a simple step to introduce loyalty cards to everyone, make the machines only playable when there is a loyalty card inserted, they may only register the card as Mr X to remain anonymous rather than their own name but at least you will have recorded transactional data available for analysis.

2005 Review Outcome Stakes and Prizes

Go to the bookies and you can still spend £100 per spin for a possible, wait for it, a maximum £500 and how many staff do they have in bookies ? just a couple and do they care about how much you spend and if you can afford it (don’t some bookies pay wages by the amount spent on FOBT’) oh don’t forget how many FOBT’s are out there in comparison to the slot machines in casinos

2005 Review Outcome Stakes and Prizes2005 Review Outcome Stakes and Prizes

You can actually spend at least £3,600 per spin (even more in some Casinos) on a live roulette table and still lose, how will the government regulate that if they are really concerned about our welfare, You may say that the staff can see you and then pass you a leaflet to warn you about the dangers of gambling and if they did you would then move to one of the electronic gaming terminals to sit in peace and be undisturbed in your gambling, placing the same amount spin after spin. So what is the difference between a slot machine and an electronic gaming terminal, yes there is the legal and technical jargon but in reality!

2005 Review Outcome Stakes and Prizes

The other argument is of course the internet and online gaming, how much can you spend on there, I am sure you could gamble away the value of your house in a day whilst sat on your sofa or in a dark cupboard as the husband has no idea what you’re up to.Why not cap the limits on the internet if you are really worried about gambling and then have unlimited stakes and prizes in Casinos, at least then people would be seen and monitored to a level (dependant on morality) Lets face it, its quite easy to get your tablet out and have a gamble, but if you had to get in the car (bus,tub,taxi) your are far less likely to impulse gamble.

2005 Review Outcome Stakes and Prizes2005 Review Outcome Stakes and Prizes

Last point really, a maximum of 20 slot machines per 1968 gaming act licence, so basically its ok for 20 people at a time to gamble their savings away unless you’re in a large casino licence and then its acceptable to have 150 people at a time, what really is the difference, of course there is legal process and paper work to get that licence but is it saying that there is more people with more money in Stratford and Milton Keynes (2005 Gaming Act) than anywhere else in the country so its acceptable to put more machines there! WHAT more money than the people in London and Mayfair REALLY. Let the casinos site how many machines they want per casino, the market will dictate the quantities per site an just think off all the taxes gained from those B1 licences fee’s

At present IGT have planned a mass software update around the UK Casinos to get the new £10,000 prize introduced as soon as possible, Astra (Novomatics) have yet to roll out any updates

Gets some morals and balls, treat us like adults, let us make the choice’s

2005 Review Outcome Stakes and Prizes Summary

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Just an observation on 2005 Review Outcome Stakes and Prizes, do you have a view ?

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