Football Fantasy Leagues Success or Scam

Fantasy Sports Betting

Fantasy sports has become one of the fastest growing sports businesses in recent times. In the 2017 season alone, 59.3 million people playedin the US and Canada.

Of this number, nearly 75% played fantasy football.

We are going to look if it is actually possible to make money from playing fantasy leagues or whether it is just a scam.

A bit of background

The original concept of fantasy leagues was actually conceived almost 50 years earlier by a man named Bill Winkenbach, a member of the Oakland Raiders Organization.

Fast forward to the present day and the two biggest fantasy sports companies in the industry are FanDuel and DraftKings. They were founded in 2009 and 2011 respectively and since then, they have seen unrivalled growth in popularity.

It’s likely that we will see a similar number of people playing fantasy sports this year, if not more, due to more and more advertising and acceptance around its legality.

Fantasy Football has exploded

As we have already mentioned, nearly 75% of the people playing fantasy sports played fantasy football.

Football remains the most popular sport in the US (although NBA fans may tell you otherwise). Because of this, fans love to feel connected to the teams and players they love and fantasy football provides exactly what they are looking for.

Research provided by Ipsos found that Americans spend an estimated $800 millionannually on all fantasy sports media products.

Because of this, fantasy football players have so much information available to do research and make player selections based off their own intuition. They don’t need the opinions of others and creates a more fun, competitive environment.

There is also the fact the NFL season lasts for only 16 weeks. This means fantasy players only need to make changes to their teams once a week. This is far more appealing than having to make almost daily adjustments to cater for the gruelling 82-game season in the NBA.

Can you actually make money from playing fantasy sports?

This is the big question.

The truth is, if you pay enough attention, then it is entirely possible to make some decent cash from playing fantasy sports. In fact, there are even professionals who can make a living from it. They play every day possible, making more money than those who get lucky from a profit accumulator.

People that are sceptical about fantasy sports are usually the players that aren’t paying enough attention to what’s been happening throughout the season, or they select their players at the beginning and don’t go on to make any changes to their line-up.

However, most players in a fantasy league are playing for fun, with money being the secondary issue.

Starting out

If you are looking to start a fantasy football team, you should start with either FanDuel or DraftKings. Because they are the two biggest sites, you can be sure they are trusted companies and that your money is safe.

Choosing between is based on personal preference:

When using FanDuel, start by choosing a game day to play. From here, pick your team and based on how they perform, you can win instantly. The beauty of FanDuel is that there are so many leagues for you to enter, each with their own unique entry fees and prizes. However, you are not limited to a single league. You can enter as many as you like, making it easier to win money.

DraftKingsworks in a very similar way to FanDuel. Once again, you aren’t required to sign up for an entire season if you wish to pick and choose your game days. They have their own game modes though, such as their ‘Multipliers’ system that lets you win even more money you paid to enter.

5 Tips to make money from fantasy football

  1. There are many websites that will show the statistics of how the players have started during the preseason and the way they are performing during the season. The more data you have, the better your chances of making some good money.


The best players out there don’t bet using their pure instincts. Instead, they do research, utilize mathematical formulas, predictive models, and line-up optimizers to win.


  1. When you are looking at positions, pay less attention to the quarterback. They are not going to earn you as much points as a running back or a wide receiver as there is only a single QB compared to multiple RBs and WRs.


  1. If you don’t have a forum on your fantasy football league, join one online. On these forums, you can discuss opinions about the football players, hear about other fantasy football players’ strategies, and seek out actionable advice from seasoned professionals. You can start conversing at The Huddle Forums or


  1. If you want to pursue a more precise method for daily fantasy football predictions, try an NFL Lineup Optimizer. Another site, Fantasy Football Analytics, allows you to input your data and receive projections for your teams.


  1. Most importantly; watch the games yourself. You may end up picking up things that news reports or highlight reels don’t include. If you can’t watch many games, then highlights on sports shows like ESPN will be handy.


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