Czech casino owner claims he lost $3M in poker game because he was drunk

Czech casino owner claims he lost $3M in poker game because he was drunk

Just because something is put in front of you does not mean you have to consume it. I presume you have the money and means to buy good liquor and are not in need of free booze. 

Aria poker staff plied Czech casino owner Leon Tsoukernik with booze, forcing him to lose $3 million in a high-stakes poker match against an Australian professional, recent court papers filed by Tsoukernik claim.

The poker pro Matthew Kirk filed a lawsuit against Tsoukernik after the two played an early morning head-to-head match prior to this summer’s World Series of Poker. Kirk is seeking $2 million that he claims Tsoukernik still owes him.

Tsoukernik’s counterclaim, which also named Aria as a defendant, said that staff members pumped him with alcohol “to the point of visible intoxication and impairment,” and they should have known that his drunkenness prevented the game from being played “honestly and competitively.”

Tsoukernik, whose King’s Casino hosted the World Series of Poker Europe last month, released a statement through his Las Vegas lawyer, Peter Bernhard, after the counterclaim was filed.

As a casino operator, I feel it is my obligation to never allow a patron to be treated as I was and to alert the poker community of the risks they take in situations like mine,” Tsoukernik said in the statement. “I believe that my response shines light on some of the unethical practices that target poker players. It would be easy to remain silent and make a business decision but too much has been said and too much damage has been done for me to keep quiet.

Despite a judge’s recent ruling that the transaction amounted to an unenforceable gambling debt, Kirk’s lawyers — Richard Schonfeld and David Chesnoff — have said they’re still pursing $2 million from Tsoukernik.

“We’re in the process of drafting our motion to dismiss the counterclaim,” Schonfeld said.



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