Crock Casino no Really

Crock Casino no Really
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Croc’s Casino Resort –’s Casino Resort – This crocodile-themed resort on the quieter northern end of Jacó — Costa Rica’s least refined beach town — is surprisingly classy. The sleek towers, immaculate casino and sprawling pools ooze extravagance, while a hip café and unique foodie tours … Jacó is under two hours from San José, which makes the town easily accessible if a bit crowded. The public bus drops just a couple blocks south of Croc Casino Resort, which perches by a relatively secluded swath of chocolate sand, almond trees and the vast Pacific shoreline. Intrepid travellers may opt to cross a nearby tributary at low tide to explore a beach and mountain to the north. Popular local activities include zip-line adventure parks, ATV tours and surf lessons.   Grand fountains, dramatic arches and red Spanish roof tiles welcome guests to this colonial palace, and the glitzy lobby’s sky-high ceilings and throne-style chairs further emphasize opulence. All surfaces are sleek and immaculate, including the floor tiles designed to resemble reptilian skin (the crocodile theme runs deep). Although the resort takes few design risks, gamblers will certainly feel at home. This may be the only hotel in Costa Rica with a crocodile habitat and two rescued inhabitants — Paco and Lola. More traditional amenities include the casino — a sparkly, smokeless affair with 150 clinking slot machines and Las Vegas table games — along with a relaxing spa, some retail shops, a 250-person convention center, and an ostentatious system of waterfalls, bridges and bathing pools (with an enormous painted croc lurking at the bottom). Staff members are gracious and informed, and everybody speaks English.

Started working in the Casino Industry in 1985, just never managed to leave as yet. Visited 99% of all UK Casinos, seen them all,

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