Collecting your winnings: How can you get your money in cash?

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Collecting your winnings

If you’ve got gaming winnings but aren’t sure of the best way to collect them in cash, an exchange service offered by eMoney experts Ukash could be the perfect solution. All you need to do is print out a form once you’ve had your winning transferred to your online account, then simply pop down to your nearest PayPoint terminal and hand the cashier your details for money in an instant!

What is Ukash?

Ukash has been handling online money transactions worldwide since 2005, and has 420,000 outets in over 55 countries. The premise is simple: Register with the service and set up your gaming accounts to transfer your winnings into your Ukash account. You’ll be given a 19-digit code, and separate withdrawal code when you choose to take money out of your account. Take these and your ID to a PayPoint terminal close to you – you can find your nearest one on the Ukash website – and collect up to £100 free of charge!

Why use Ukash?

Ukash is more than a way of collecting game winnings; the service is used by many people as a replacement for debit or credit cards, whether because they’re more comfortable handing over their Ukash details when sending in online stores or they just don’t like the idea of storing their money in a bank! It’s also totally private, and cash can be transferred both ways – so if you want to spend the twenty quid in your pocket on something online, you can pay it in at a PayPoint terminal with your 19-digit Ukash code and be ready to purchase online instantly!

To learn more about Ukash, you can find them across the web at these websites:


·         Ukash LinkedIn

·         Ukash Facebook

·         @PaywithUkash

Collect your winnings 


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