Casinos in Delhi-NCR go digital: Here’s how gamblers are using Apps to make money this Diwali

Casinos in Delhi-NCR go digital: Here’s how gamblers are using Apps to make money this Diwali

When is money involved people always find ingenious ways around legislation. It seems operators are only to happy to drive technology forward to enable people to gamble but of course they would not break any laws would they !

The recent crackdown on betting rackets and makeshift casinos in Delhi-NCR has driven the city’s gambling business to take the virtual route. The operators are increasingly using digital platforms and online apps, hosted outside the country, to hold chancegame events amid a closed, members-only community.

The weeks ahead of Diwali are considered the peak season for gambling when playing cards or other luck games is considered auspicious by many, swelling the number of players manifold. Operators create exclusive clubs online where clients can place their bets in real time and the money is collected offline the following day. “We have inputs about gambling agents who are sharing links with businessmen of Delhi-NCR to play card games online and huge money is being traded each night,” a senior Delhi Police official told Mail Today.

“Earlier, they used to rent a farmhouse or bungalow for organising poker, card-based games, and roulette around the festival of Diwali but now these agents are using digital covers for their operations.” The official admitted that it is difficult to crack down on online players as most of the websites are hosted abroad. “There are several roadblocks, which includes getting a log from the said app or site operator. Simultaneous raids at individual houses and gathering technical evidence are other impediments,” the police officer said.

Experts said apps like PPpoker gives an option of hosting the card game where local players can be invited through their social media page. There are other websites likes 888casino, Williams Hill and 1xbet that offer popular live casino games. These sites have gained heavy tractions lately, they point out.

Confirming the spike, UP Police Special Task Force (STF) additional superintendent Triveni Singh said, “Playing chance-based games, including card and number games on the online platform, is increasing as general perception is that it is legit. It is not. We have received specific inputs and based on that we are tracking traffic going to popular gambling and betting sites. We have solid leads of some of the major operators.”



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