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AS a self confessed “Bridget Jones, 10 years early”, I am probably not the best person to ask for casino dating advice.

However, I am single, I like to mingle and one of the best places to mingle, is a casino.

Why? I hear you ask.

Well ladies, casinos are nearly always top heavy with men. (Unless it is a midweek ladies night, but I digress).

For blokes, the casino is a good night out, comprising of the 3Bs- beer, birds and blackjack.

For girls, the casino dating  is an untapped resource of hot, single men.

Men go there in what I call poker packs.

They have a few pints, play some poker (trying to look they know about gambling), and as the night wears on, and their bank balances dwindle, they move from poker to blackjack and finally roulette.

Casino Dating

Now single ladies, this is your time to strike.

Finish your prosecco and relocate from the bar and join your prey on the table.

Smile, make eye contact with your chosen hottie.Casino Dating Bridget Jones

Lean over the table seductively as you place your bets, but don’t be too obvious.

Chances are he is watching the table and not you, so just give him a glimpse of cleavage or leg (depending on where you are, and he is).

If your bet comes in, don’t cheer like a chav.

Just accept your winnings, and place again.

If he wins, give him a smile, and keep up this little interaction, until a conversation blossoms.

And trust me, it will.

I’ve been chatted up many times at the roulette table, based on the table camaraderie.

Yes you all want to win, but it is a question of odds, not direct competition, so the environment is therefore more amiable.

Now comes the tricky part, knowing when to cash out.

Too early and you look disinterested, play on too long (particularly if your chips are down) and you could look like you need the leaflet.

You’re only hope is therefore, he will win and flash his cash and take you to the bar.

I’m still waiting for that to happen, but hey a girl can dream.

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