Casino Attendance Aspers Hits Million Visitors

Aspers breaks 1 million casino attendance records

Casino Attendance !

It has been reported that Aspers Casino has broken all UK Casino Attendance records in the last 12 months. Amazing casino records also considering that while the London 2012 Olympics the attendance faced an all time low due to parking restrictions and large crowds intent on capturing a once in a lifetime experience. This averages out close to nearl 100,00o people per month. Aspers Casino is situated in the Westfield Shopping Centre Stratford which is today the largest shopping centre in Europe. It is also rumoured that they also plan to expand the amount of gaming tables again before Christmas which will reinforce that it is the largest Casino in the UK (Aspers Stratford operates under the new 2005 Gaming Act Licence) boasting 150 slot machines and 140 electronic betting terminals.

Casino Attendance Records

Richard Noble COO At Aspers

We’re thrilled to have welcomed over a million guests to our casino in the last year. As the largest casino in the country we have an unprecedented range of products which enhance a thrilling live gaming experience, including 150 slots and 70 gaming tables and due to massive demand, we’ve also just increased our poker room capacity to 300 permanent seats with the ability to stage tournaments for up to 500. As the number one Super Casino, in addition to nightly live music entertainment and choice of bars and restaurant all onsite, we will continue to give our customers one of the best nights out in London.”

Casino Attendance Past and Present

1 Million  visitors is an astonishing amount of people for the UK in one Casino considering that the previous years attendance for the whole of London was only around 3.6 million people. Today the average casino attendance in the UK is 1.6 million people per month. Breaking down that figure, 1.2 Million of the visitors are outside of London, so the casino attendance for London averages 400,000 per month. London has 24 operational Casino licenses at present. Do the Math, its nearly a quarter of all the casino visitors in London every month. Will they continue to break records ?

Will the new Aspers Milton Keynes Licenece break casino attendance records outside of London  ! 

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