Can England Really Get To The Finals

World Cup 2018

Can England Really Get To The Finals

Every UK news channel are looking for omens as why England could actually win the World Cup. A complete load of tosh for the sake of crap news.

The real reason why England can win the World Cup 2018 is Gareth Southgate. He has the respect of the players, plus he played a few games for England himself. He actually knows what he is talking about. He is disciplined in his approach which has reflected in the teams performances. The team seem to be enjoying themselves without carrying the weight of the the countries expectations on their shoulders.

Englands Outstanding Player Of the Tournament

Do we have a superstar in the team who could win a game in a split second ? Not really Harry Kane looks like he has the Golden Boot award on his trophy cabinet already, unless Antoine Griezmann has a blinder in the 2018 World Cup final and scores 4. We have played as a unit, no real performance from anyone. Dare I say we have played like the German team when they romped to their victories.  Steady, reliable and pretty consistent, A team collective of match winners.

The Opposition

We have Croatia standing in our way. They haven’t set the World Cup 2018 on fire as yet. So Can we beat them. YES WE CAN


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