Why Blackjack Will Always Be King of the Casino

Why Blackjack Will Always Be King of the Casino
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Why Blackjack Will Always Be King of the Casino


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Ask anyone to name one famous card game and nine out of ten in the room will shout “Poker!” before you’ve even finished the question. Regardless of its complexities, it is without a doubt one of the world’s most popular and most played card game. But no matter how much money there is at stake, there is one game that will always top poker as the proverbial king of the casino, and that came is Blackjack.

Whether Pontoon or 21, the American or European variant, Blackjack is a mainstay in the casino universe globally. It’s the card game that almost everyone has given a shot. The attraction for many is the simplicity of the game and the fact that the rules are easy to learn (although much harder to master).

Unlike Poker, you are playing against the dealer, and the fact that you could potentially take money from the casino is, for many, an opportunity too good to pass up. The trick though is to know when to hit and when to stand, and it is this decision that instills a sense of control in the player. Add to that the fact that you can choose to play safe at any time during the game with your choice of bet and you have a nice simple game where the player always feels in control of their destiny and could, theoretically, ‘make the casino pay.’

While there are tactics used in Blackjack such as counting cards to know when the dealer has less chance of winning, we rarely see them in use outside of terrible Hollywood movies. Poker, on the other hand, is a game of serious strategy that can take years of practice to become an average player. And for this reason, there are very few casual poker players in casinos. In fact, while many players enjoy a game of Blackjack for fun, you will rarely find a poker player that does the same.

The dedication to their sport is probably why it’s always the poker tournaments you hear about or see on TV. The events with the massive prizes and players that we’ve seen on the circuit so much that we now consider them celebrities. But that doesn’t mean that Blackjack doesn’t also have its big winners. Some of the biggest payouts in history were in the millions, and there are players who have made a very good living out of perfecting the art of hit or stand.

Source: Wikimedia

Truth be told, casinos are tourist traps more often than not and it’s the casual players who are making up the numbers. One look at any Blackjack table will reveal a majority of players who are simply there to take pleasure in the moment, letting their hair down and riding the highs and lows of each spin. On the contrary, a glance at any poker table in any location will show a different story – in most instances, you could cut the tension at the felt with a knife. Which one is a player wanting a good time going to choose?

Until they invent a game that is simpler to learn but that still has the thrill of a hit or stand decision, Blackjack will always remain the incontestable monarch of the casino.

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