Auto Blackjack Dealer at G Piccadilly London

Auto Blackjack Dealer at G Piccadilly London

Auto Blackjack Dealer

What is it you ask, well its a auto blackjack dealer but not as you know it. They are usually just a animated RNG that you find in amusement arcades at the seaside  and low stakes. This is different, this auto blackjack dealer has real cards, YES 6 decks of real standard casino cards within it and no dealer required. The cards are housed in 2 large sealed drums to provide continuous dealing via a mechanical action. The card is then scanned ( you can also physically see the cards as they are dealt via a viewing window) and turned into an electronic signal then reproduced on your own remote betting terminal (Remote = inside the casino but not physically next to the blackjack table)

The Auto blackjack dealer is situated in Leicester Square, London  at The G Piccadilly Casino part of the Grosvenor / Rank Group which has just acquired 19 of the Gala Coral Casino Estate  

Capable of dealing in excess of 70 Parallel Deal Blackjack or Baccarat hands per hour, Infinity Auto Dealer is the perfect device to significantly drive increased performance on the casino floorauto dealer blackjackBuilt for continuous 24 hour operation, Infinity Auto Dealer is constructed with minimal components using a gravity fed delivery mechanism ensuring minimal servicing and maximum gaming revenue

Auto Blackjack Dealer

Parallel Deal Blackjack is a revolutionary method of playing traditional Blackjack but with no changes to the base rules. It enables multiple players to wager
simultaneously, as one against-the-dealer, all at virtually the same speed as a single player. Parallel Deal Explained further.

Auto Blackjack Dealer, is it the way forward ? it is defiantly an advancement  in technology.The official name given to the machine by its manufacturer TCS Johnhuxley is the Infinity Auto Dealer.

full cabinet of auto blackjack dealer

Have you played it yet ? have you seen it in action, let us know at C4D what you think. Infinity Auto Blackjack Dealer 

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  1. Peter Robinson  /  May 13, 2013, 3:34 pm

    I see the future, and it is without the likes of me and you !!! 4 slot techs, a cashier, drinks machine and a cleaner. 25 years down the line, and interaction will cease to be !!! rooms of auto wheel roulette, and machine dealt bj/pb. Modernization of the industry keeps on coming, and it is building momentum !!! machine sick, take it off and replace with one that works and doesn’t answer back 🙂

  2. Staff Writer  /  May 13, 2013, 6:14 pm

    Peter I hope you are wrong, I believe that people need the personal experience and interaction with other people, I have had the pleasure of the customer service provided at your casino and it was refreshingly excellent

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