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Learn To Play, Know The Basics Casino Gaming

Learn To Play, Know The Basics Casino Gaming

Learn To Play CASINOS can be a daunting place for the virgin gambler. Common misconceptions are they are seedy, sleazy, dives, frequented by seasoned gamblers, high rollers and addicts. The reality is far from this. How do I know this I hear you ask. Well because everyone has a “first time.” I remember my “first time.” I found myself in the Casino at the Empire in Leicester... »

Grosvenor G Food Reviewed at G Thanet

Grosvenor G Food Reviewed at G Thanet

Grosvenor G Food Review GROSVENOR G Casino launched its new menu at the end of May. A slightly smaller menu than before, I was keen, merely for the purpose of reporting to find out exactly what the new look menu was like.It’s a hard job but some poor old foodie has got to do it, so I stepped up to the challenge at the fabulous G Casino in Thanet.Carnivores rejoice, there is still a wide rang... »

Dating in Casinos Bridget Jones

Casino Dating aka Bridget Jones

Casino Dating AS a self confessed “Bridget Jones, 10 years early”, I am probably not the best person to ask for casino dating advice. However, I am single, I like to mingle and one of the best places to mingle, is a casino. Why? I hear you ask. Well ladies, casinos are nearly always top heavy with men. (Unless it is a midweek ladies night, but I digress). For blokes, the casino is a good night out... »

Be Gorgeous Grosvenor Casinos

Be Gorgeous Ladies At Grosvenor G Thanet

Be Gorgeous Ladies this could be just the event for you if you fancy a little pre Christmas Pamper. Grosvenor Casinos are holding the ” Be Gorgeous” Events at Numerous Grosvenor G Casinos around the Country. The Be Gorgeous events are been held around the country at you local Grosvenor Casino. The post below is kindly provided by Laura a local reporter from Thanet. THERE is  just one w... »

Gongman Thanet

Search For A Gongman

Search For A Gongman SOMETIMES it is a hard job being a journalist, but when I heard that Grosvenor G Casino Thanet wanted a judge to help with their search for a Gongman competition, I jumped at the chance. To celebrate Rank’s 75th anniversary, the organisation are holding a nationwide search for a new Gongman, the iconic figure seen at the start of the Rank films. The winner of the nationa... »

G Casino Thanet Review

G Casino Thanet Review

G Casino Thanet Review Firstly I would like to thank Laura immensely as everyone I ask nicely to do a quick review or comment on a casino always say “yes would love to do it” but of the 100,000 people that have said yes Laura is the first and Only one so far, she is a journalist so I guess that gives her a slight advantage. Thank You. If you want to tell us about your local Casino plea... »

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