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Croupier Training Directory Where To Get Your PFL

Croupier Training Directory Where To Get Your PFL

Croupier Training If you have decided to pursue a career in the Casino Industry you will require some croupier training, some Casinos and Casino groups still hold croupier training in house but there are many companies providing croupier training now and some even guarantee employment at the end of the course as they work very closely with the casinos. At the moment there is a distinct lack qualif... »

Alea Glasgow Casino

Alea Glasgow Casino

Alea Glasgow Casino Situated in Glasgow, South of The Clyde  the Alea Glasgow Casino has something to offer everyone. If its a little flutter, a few beers, great food or to be treated like a star for the night this may be just the place for you. Boasting some 3 Bars a restaurant, live entertainment,Poker, function space and party packages to suit all, Alea Glasgow Casino claim to be the best in Sc... »

politics the gaming industry

Casino Technology Server Based or Server Supported Gaming / Europe

Casino Technology Server Based or Server Supported Gaming / Europe I have found the following article in the Casino Enterprise Management Magazine by Sheleen Quish, Senior VP of Information Technology and Human Resources at Ameristar Casinos: The article, albeit a bit old, explains very well what the Serv... »

bath casino licence

Bath Casino Licence Decided

Bath Casino Licence Decided The decision has been made, the reports and proposals have been gathered the panel have deliberated and the decision has been announced on the Bath Casino Licence . Bath not the first or an obvious first choice for a Casino Licence, however they have over 1 million staying visitors and 3.8 Million day visitors , which is extrodinary as the population of Bath and North E... »

Rank Deal Suspended

Rank Deal Suspended

Rank Deal Suspended, Full Investigation Just when it looked as it was so close to completing the Rank deal is now subject to a full Competition Commission investigation. The acquisition of Gala Coral Casino division would have made them the largest UK Casino Operator catapulting them above Gentings Casinos.The Office of fair Trading has raised concerns that could see the whole Rank Deal suspended ... »

London Clubs Casinos

London Club Casinos Not For Sale

London Clubs Casino  Not For Sale After speculation that London Clubs International were for sale all rumours were squashed by Michael Silbering CEO of London Club Casinos Michael Silbering  to  “Intergame” Original source of the story With regards to the sales rumours, the simple response is that the business is not for sale,” he said. “It is a simple fact of business life that Caesar... »

Rank Group Increase Profits

Rank Group Increase Profits

Rank Group Rewards Its Share Holders Despite the economical downturn and the reported double dip recession Grosvenor Casinos continue to increase there profits and go from strength to strength. Perhaps it in this time of apparent decline people need a release or Grosvenor Casinos are providing exactly what people want on a night out , somewhere fun, vibrant, good food and great entertainment. They... »

Casino Jobs

What Qualifications Do I Need To Be A Croupier

What Qualifications Do I Need To Be A Croupier No formal qualifications are needed to be a Croupier at the moment in the UK However there is one crucial piece of paper that you will require to work within the gaming industry. This is a PFL or to give its full title, Personal Functional Licence. It is a simple process to acquire a PFL or the management equivalent PML (Personal Management Licence).A... »

the gaming industry have your say

The Gaming Industry : Politics Passion Purpose

The Gaming Industry, Politics Passion Purpose    Why Gambling Has Such a Bad Publicity in Europe? For all of us working in Gaming (as in gambling for money) the current political situation in Europe is not very promising long-term. Various governments look at gaming as something bad, causing all sorts of addictions and problems. Through this witch-hunt approach politicians have managed to tarnish ... »

Important Tips for Playing Online Slots

Important Tips for Playing Online Slots If you have a passion for playing slot machines, then you already know that finding the right game can make all the difference in your success or failure as an online gambler. If you don’t have experience playing online slots, then you should strongly consider trying several different games so that you can find the one you love. Luckily, some of the online s... »

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