Australia gripped by poker machine addiction, report says

Australia gripped by poker machine addiction, report says

Australia is in the Gambling news again and all for the wrong reasons, poker machine addiction

The institute’s paper states that only 241,000 poker machines worldwide exist outside of licensed venues ( Casino etc)  but Australia has 183,000 of them in pubs and clubs. That is an astonishing 75% of all pokies in the world not on licensed  premises. Fast forward perhaps the Tasmania Labour Party do get into power, what next ?

Thats 183,000 machines to move, but where to ? into licensed premise and will they have the space. The operators of the machines would face some difficult decisions not only on the logistical nightmare of moving such a vast amount of machines and if they cannot relocate them would it be a mass sale of poker machines. Would they be actually worth anything in another country or would they just have to scrap them. Imagine the size of a landfill if they were to destroy the machines.

Is Gambling only a problem when people can not actually afford to gamble ?

The most difficult decision they would have to make is around its employees. Do they just join the list of unemployed and then gamble what they have left in their pockets in the hope they win enough to survive. What about the people who play these machines where would they go to gamble. If they have the desire to gamble then they will, so that means they are of to a licensed premises. Now what happens to all the pubs and clubs that were once full of patrons drinking and gambling a little. I can see foreclosures of those once thriving small business and then more redundancies erecting the local economies.


“Last financial year, Tasmanians lost $110m on poker machines in pubs and clubs, White said. “Economic modelling has shown that it could provide an additional 180 jobs in Tasmania if only half that money is spent in the community.”

half the amount spent would create 180 jobs ! HOW MANY jobs does the $110 million support

The party in charge of the country now has several problems, firstly unemployment is up and secondly their tax revenues are down from the revenue on the gambling along with less people paying tax from their wages.

They know they have a problem around gambling but is the removal of the machines the answer.

If you feel you have a gambling problem please contact Gamcare, details on footer

Full story from the Guardian

Australia Institute’s paper says large number of poker machines in pubs and clubs makes country a ‘global anomaly’

Australia is in the grip of an addiction to poker machines with more of the devices located in the community than in any other country, according to a new report from progressive thinktank the Australia Institute.

The report’s co-author Bill Browne said: “Australia’s large number of poker machines and our unusual decision to allow them in pubs and clubs make us a global anomaly.

“Australia has 0.3% of the world’s population but 6% of its conventional gaming machines and 18% of its poker machines.

The report comes as Tasmania’s opposition Labor party announced a policy to remove poker machines from pubs and clubs in the state by 2023 if the party wins the next election in March.

Labor’s leader, Rebecca White, said the party would phase out more than 2,300 poker machines from venues to curb their “devastating effect on people and their families”. It would make Tasmania only the second state without pokies after Western Australia.

The promise was welcomed by community groups and anti-pokies campaigners but criticised by Premier Will Hodgman, who warned it would cost the state jobs.Labor would provide a $55m package to encourage venues and businesses to voluntarily retire the machines before 2023.

The anti-pokies campaigner and independent federal MP Andrew Wilkie welcomed the policy.

“We know that poker machines cause or at least add to many social ills including crime, domestic violence, suicide and childhood poverty,” he said in a statement.

Labor’s policy is a point of difference with the Liberal government, which plans to cut the number of pokies in the state by 150 by 2023. Hodgman told reporters Labor’s policy would hurt businesses.



poker machine addiction or is it life choices 

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