Aspers Deploy IGT Cloud Technology On Their Slot Offerings

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IGT Cloud Technology

IGT have installed there sbX Casino Solution in all of the Aspers Casinos in the UK which include the only operational 2005 Large Casino Licences, The Casino MK and Aspers Stratford. The IGT Cloud solution links an unprecedented 103 machines onto the same system (Grosvenor are still trailing the system in 3 of their casinos, The Victoria, G Coventry and G Reading)

Sabby Gill, IGT Regional Vice President of EMEA and LATAM. said “The deployment of the UK’s first multi-site cloud casino environment with Aspers Group is another sign of IGT’s pioneering and collaborative approach to transforming the gaming entertainment industry,  The IGT Cloud gives casinos multi-site deployment of sbX, for unprecedented analytical insight into the

performance of their floors. This optimization provides players with the right games at the right time, enhancing the gaming


For the uninitiated on the technical aspect of slot machines, What normally happens when a casino wants to upgrade or change the game on a slot machine to a

IGT Glass Theme Inserts

IGT Glass Theme Inserts

new theme they have to order the new software which usually arrives by post on a USB stick or a flash card. The site then have to get the services of a technician (either their own or a 3rd party) who has to open up the machine, clear down the memory of the machine and remove the unwanted games, plug the USB in and uploaded the software to the machine and then enable the game. Each machine has to be done individually and can be a time consuming task. ( In the real old days they had to change the glass on the machine to match the new game theme as well) The other major drawback with the normal system is that accounting is usually just per machine and not accurate or intuitive enough to break down the finances per game on the said machine. Today’s slot machines now have multiple TFT screens and the theme of the game is now displayed on the screen itself rather than having glass/ plastic inserts.

Mark Beattie, Aspers Group Head of Gaming.Quoted “We selected IGT because it is as forward-thinking as we are,Through the IGT Cloud we have the ability to deploy IGT sbX technology across multiple sites to evaluate the performance of games to offer the best and newest games to our players, in a much more cost-effective manner than ever before.”

IGT Cloud Overview

IGT Cloud Overview

The IGT Cloud Specifications

• Reduce capital expenditure and infrastructure
• Increase business agility on an unlimited scale
• Deliver more innovation with less maintenance
• Give players a seamless gaming experience
across all mobile devices
• Garner a deeper patron engagement through
tools to reward and connect with players
• Offer more flexibility in entertainment and
bonus offers

It’s all about what you want…a cost-efficient way to
enhance player experience, with access to the largest
game library in the industry.
IGT Cloud—Seamless access to the hottest game titles
from the casino floor and across all mobile devices,
without the infrastructure investments, allowing you to
focus on what is important to your business: players,
games and performance.
Continuing in our push to revolutionize the industry, the
IGT Cloud allows casino operators to manage game
content across entire floors by utilizing Software as a
Service (SaaS). It’s tomorrow’s technology, today.
IGT Cloud, it’s happening.

· Download and configure game themes, denominations,
and even machine settings like volume and
credit limit
· Schedule machine configuration changes on individual
EGMs or groups of EGMs
· Reporting on game performance and attributes like
denomination, hold, max bet and more provides
critical metrics
· View game attributes on a map of your floor using
right click and roll over techniques
· Target machines by attribute in real time
· View floor events in real time
· Schedule and review all floor modifications
· Personalize your workspace with favorite tasks
based on preferences and/or job type
· Quickly update machine operating systems with
downloadable AIs
· Manage your peripherals to perform remote updates
on equipment such as bill validators and card
· Integrates with other systems via open Gaming
Standards Association (GSA) protocols
· Powerful Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 infrastructure
for optimal performance
· Microsoft® SQL Server® Reporting Services for
robust, drill-down reports and export capability

IGT Cloud Is It For Everyone

Probably not as all the Casinos except the two Aspers large licence casinos are only allowed 20 slot machines under the 1968 Gaming act so at present it may not be worth the initial outlay for connecting so few machines.There is one person within the industry who has an opinion on the Cloud systems read it >here< There is a proposal at present to increase the amount of slots allowed onto the gaming floors of the casinos in the UK. Below are the present regulations on the deployment of slot machines in the UK Casinos

Machine category
B1 B2 B3 B4 C D
Large casino(machine/table ratio of5-1 up to maximum) Maximum of 150 machinesAny combination of machines in categories B to D, within the total limit of 150 (subject to machine/table ratio)
Small casino(machine/table ratio of2-1 up to maximum) Maximum of 80 machinesAny combination of machines in categories B to D, within the total limit of 80 (subject to machine/table ratio)
Casinos established under the Gambling Act 1968(no machine/table ratio) Maximum of 20 machines categories B to D  or any number of C or D machines instead

IGT Cloud : The FutureIs this the beginning of one electronic  gaming terminal per customer, be it either a slot based game, a card game (Blackjack, Punto Banco) Roulette, Bingo  sports betting and online gaming all from the same station. Imagine as a player you would not have to move around the casino to play different games you could stay in your own little space, even your own small social circle. As an operator all you would need is one standard metal box (electronic gaming terminal) this would reduce the amount of different spares and knowledge to repair each terminal. The Technology is already hereWait before this happens a lot of things need to change and a lot needs to be considered. The Government/Gaming Commision would need to relax its gaming laws and move with the times. The manufacturers of the games would all have to collaborate to run on the single platform (who would get top billing) Gala Coral tried a similar path with their GGP platform which resulted them in being way behind in what they had to offer to the customer, It may have even contributed to their final downfall and the sale of the majority of the Casinos to Grosvenor. There is one more thing to consider before it could happen as a customer would they want it after all diversity is the spice of life, would you want to go to a casino where all the terminals look the same ?IGT Cloud : As a customer do you think its the way forward ? As an Operator do you think its the future ? Let us know at C4D

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