Middlesbrough 2005 Large Casino Licence Gurney Casino

 Middlesbrough 2005 Large Casino Licence / Gurney Casino

Although Aspers were on the original Joint Application it is still NOT CONFIRMED of their involvement going forward with this project

The Middlesbrough 2005 large Casino Licence was originally contested by 2 separate bids, Apollo Resorts & Leisure Ltd  and a Joint application with Aspers Developments and Gurney Casino Limited.

Stage Two of the large casino premises licensing process commenced on 19th July 2011 and closed at 12 noon on Monday 27th February 2012, following an extension.

Apollo Resorts & Leisure have been very active recently and have placed a bid on nearly every 2005 large  casino licence issued. The intended site for the Casino is Riverside One, Windward Way, Middlehaven, Middlesbrough SITE plans and have been unsuccessful again.

Aspers Development Limited & Gurney Casino Limited SITE plans. Aspers have recently been very successful with the 2005 Large Casino Licence with Aspers Stratford & Aspers Milton Keynes, However it has not all been good luck with Aspers with the possible closure on their Swansea Casino.  Gurney Casino Limited is headed up by Stuart Monk who is involved in Jomast which specialises in property investment and development.

Middlesbrough Council’s objective via the large casino premises licensing process is to secure the greatest local benefit for the people of the town. Consequently the following principles will be used in order to determine the outcome of the process:

  • A clear and proven ability/commitment to deliver the scheme.
  • Proposals for a socially responsible development.
  • Commitment to maximise physical, social and economic regeneration.
  • Proposals for maximising employment and training opportunities.
  • Financial contributions to the town.

Aspers Still Yet to Be confirmed

original source Gazette Live  for the  Middlesbrough  Story

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