An Interview with Ivan Montik CEO SoftSwiss ICE 2014

softswiss ice2014

SoftSwiss ICE 2014

An Interview with Ivan Montik CEO SoftSwiss. We would like to thank Ivan from SoftSwiss for taking the time to answer these questions and contributing to C4D and its readers on the forthcoming ICE 2014

SoftSwiss ICE 2014 Company Profile

Name: Ivan Montik

Company name: SoftSwiss

Your Postion: CEO

No Of Employees: 33

c4d crop editTell me Ivan from washing cars to becoming the CEO of Softswiss how did that happen ?

ivanRunning a car wash with a school friend was back in 2002 even before I graduated from the university. It was a softswiss ice 2014valuable experience of having my own small business and helped to earn my living. By the way, start capital was earned by offering websites development in 2000-2001. In 2005 I got a degree in economics and management of the Belarussian State University and joined Priorbank JSC, Raiffeisen Group as a corporate client manager. I soon realized that banking is not exactly what I want to do so I gladly accepted the offer to head Belarus representative office of, the largest Ukrainian media portal. This was a so-called media part of my career. In 2009 I signed the European Charter on the Freedom of Press in Hamburg and later on became one of the founders of the European Center for the Freedom of Press. However, I was always interested in IT and looking for opportunities to implement my management experience in this sphere. So, in 2008 with a small group of programmers and designer we started working on custom design and software development projects for clients from Europe and USA. We named our start up SoftSwiss. Having implemented a number of successful client projects, we smoothly moved to developing our own products.  SoftSwiss online gaming auction platform was the first one. Company’s next product, online casino platform, was presented in London at ICE Totally Gaming 2013. Now, the company is offering a turnkey solution for starting an online casino and we are planning to expand our business by developing a mobile version of the platform and offering a variety of additional games.

Of course, it would be close to impossible to develop business on my own but I was lucky to get a great team and a great partner, Dmitry Yaikov. Dmitry with his solid programming background and a perfect understanding of IT joined the company just at the right time and helped bring our most ambitious ideas to live. He was actually the enabler of our Bitcoin casino development. There’s no technical issue that Dmitry would be unable to resolve.

preimuim soft swiss

c4d crop editSo you build website or to be more precise gambling portals, is that the correct terminology  ?

ivanBuilding websites is just part of the package that we offer. An online casino is a much more complex thing. Behind a nice-looking website, there are gaming platform, CMS, games developed by our designers and engineers with unique mathematics, payment processing system, anti-fraud system, multi-language and multi-currency support. We deliver all that as part of a turnkey solution.

c4d crop editWhat do you do differently to the other people out there doing the same thing ?

ivan1)      We offer a turnkey solution. For operators who have little experience in online gaming, we offer one stop service for quickly and efficiently starting business from scratch. From incorporation and licensing to SEO and marketing services, we lead our client through the whole cycle to help avoid any kind of legal hassle.

2)      Our product is quite new and that’s an advantage in terms of the technology. We use the most advanced programming language and the latest achievements in terms of design and security to deliver top-notch games and guarantee perfect performance.

3)      Excellent client service. Larger software providers choose to work with larger companies and ask for detailed business and marketing plans. SoftSwiss appreciates each and every customer.

4)      Flexibility. While many software providers are usually unwilling to change their platforms according to client’s individual needs, we are open for suggestions and improvements. We can add new features, payment processing options, and even develop custom games with new themes and design.

5)      Bitcoin payment processing solution. What distinguishes our solution from other providers is the increased security achieved by not using any third-party services. Storing your Bitcoin at an exchange is always risky as you are never sure the exchange doesn’t close the next day. With our solution, all transactions are made to and from the operator’s wallet and are immediately reflected in the balance. It is fully protected from any type of fraud.

c4d crop editWhat platform do the sites run on

ivanThe sites that we launch run on SoftSwiss gaming platform developed by our engineers. We develop it on Ruby-on-Rails.

c4d crop editPayment options I noticed that you have bitcoin options in there and recently there has been a lot of news and specutlation about the Bitcoin So the bitcoin does it cost you 1 Bitcoin to play a game ? like $700 a go (current value of 1 Bitcion 08/12/13)

ivanBeing aware of the potential huge growth of the Bitcoin exchange rate, we give users a possibility to choose between different denominations, e.g. play for Micro Bitcoin, Nano Bitcoin, or even smaller denominations. So, you don’t need to spent $700 to make a single bet and this adjustments could be made from our backend easily.

softswiss ice 2014 ivan interview What are the advantages of having a Bitcoin casino?

softswiss ivanThe advantages are multiple. There’s no gambling license required, so you can avoid all legal hassles and launch really fast. Besides, you save money on license application costs, monthly fees and taxes. From our experience, it takes weeks or even months to open a bank account and make agreements with the payment system providers. With a Bitcoin casino, you don’t depend on any third parties and services. Casino operators have full control over finances on their side. In terms of attractiveness for players, it offers complete anonymity and quick cashouts. There is another feature called provable fair and this is the future of gambling where any bet could be checked for fairness by each player.

c4d crop editSo what are the regulations opening a bitcion casino ? could I open a gambing site within a week ?

ivanAt the moment there are no regulations. It requires a bit longer than a week to launch a Bitcoin casino since we are creating custom design based on client’s requirements, add some individual features, multi-language support, etc. So normally, it takes about 4 weeks from the moment the contract is signed to the moment the casino goes live. But we’ve had a client who wanted to launch in 10 days and we did that.

c4d crop editI believe that you spoke at the Russian Gaming Week about the Bitcoin Casino software in November, how was that received and has the mood changed since the announcement by the Chinese government that the people of China should not invest in Bitcoin wiping off 30% of its value ?

ivanOur Bitcoin presentation was actually the one that gathered the biggest audience. I knew the topic was popular but I didn’t realize how many people are interested and considering an option to enter into business with Bitcoin. Those who play on the Bitcoin exchange rate misinterpreted the announcement by the Chinese government on purpose. There was a certain panic due to this sudden drop because you need to have a certain knowledge of the financial processes behind the scene to understand the situation. In any case, the rate has already recovered and people are now more interested in Bitcoin than ever.

c4d crop editDo you think that the more services (like your online casino) accept Bitcoins as payment the more chance there is that the value of the Bitcoin will stabilise ?

ivanAbsolutely. You can already buy practically anything for Bitcoin, from pizza to Lamborghini or even make a space trip. The more services open up for Bitcoin, the more people trust it, the more stable the currency.

c4d crop editWould you accept Bitcoins as payment for building a customers site ?

ivanWe already do! It would be strange if we didn’t. I mean, we really believe in the future of Bitcoin. By the way, there will be a whole block devoted to Bitcoin at ICE Totally Gaming London this year (2014), and SoftSwiss is the head line sponsor. We’ll be sharing our experience and giving tips to those who are starting their way in Bitcoin gambling. We invite all readers to join us there.

SoftSwiss ICE 2014

Once again a big thank you to Ivan from SoftSwiss and look forward to meeting you at ICE 2014, if you would like to know a little more about SoftSwiss please click >>>>>>HERE<<<<<<<

Need to know a little more about Bitcoin ? Try >>>Wiki<<<

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