Marco Pierre White Alea Casino Nottingham

Marco Pierre White Alea Casino Nottingham

Alea Casino Nottingham Will soon have the influence of a culinary master in their Restaurant, the one and only Marco Pierre White. Called the Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill, the new restaurant will open at Alea Casino Nottingham on Upper Parliament Street in the summer after successful negotiations with the club director Mark Hands. The Alea Casino Nottingham is 1 of 3 Casinos in th... »

Casino Club Dining Reviews

Casino Restaurants Casino Club Dining Every Casino will have some type of food served on their premises and the quality of the casino offerings will vary from the basic to A la carte, awful to the outstanding. I have eaten in many casino restaurants over the years and one of my first memories was of a veal escalope in Gala Hull with Gordon Stalker (GM at the time). It was memorable as this was my ... »

Great Food

Genting Club Manchester

There are truly some great restaurants in the Casinos around the UK, its just a matter of finding them »