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The Rebrand of Gala Well on its Way

The Rebrand of Gala Well on its Way

The Rebrand of Gala It has been several months since the completion of the sale of 19 Casinos from Gala to Rank has taken place. Slowly but surely they are all being rebranded to the Grosvenor style of Casino.Now that Grosvenor have got the lion’s share of the London Casinos will their profits soar even more. Will all the Grosvenor Casinos in London now look the same, the same as any big bra... »

Rank draws circle with Blue Square

Rank Group could be about to sell its online sports betting business Blue Square as it looks to concentrate on its casinos and bingo brands. It said Blue Square, which offers spots betting, an online casino and online slots games, as well as providing sports betting 888, continued to make a losses and that it would ‘review’ the business. “The business operates solely in the digit... »

Extra Casino Slots for G Sheffield

Extra Casino Slots for G Sheffield

Extra Casino Slots for G Sheffield Rank have purchased the unused casino license from Brook Leisure in Sheffield, the license has been moved to the existing G Sheffield Casino which is owned by the Rank Group. By creating a separate entrance G Sheffield will be able to put an additional 20 B1 slot machines into this site. Under present Gaming Laws Casinos are restricted to 20 £4000 Jackpot machine... »

Grosvenor G Stockton Swishing

Swishing, Clothes Swap in A Casino !

Swishing Have you heard of Swishing, do you know what swishing is, have all your friends been secretly swishing and you don’t know about it. I am not surprised if your best friend hasn’t told you about their secret addiction to swishing as then you would realise that their latest outfit may have cost a lot less than you thought.Why are we posting about swishing I hear you ask, well its... »

New Pinball Roulette

Pinball Roulette Launches In The UK

Pinball Roulette What is it I hear you ask! Well Pinball Roulette is your own little Roulette Wheel that you are in control of . Well in control to a certain degree, you have control when the ball is launched into the wheel itself. The odds of it landing on YOUR number is exactly the same 37-1 . You have a pinball style plunger that you pull back as little or as far as you want to which then shoot... »

Gongman Thanet

Search For A Gongman

Search For A Gongman SOMETIMES it is a hard job being a journalist, but when I heard that Grosvenor G Casino Thanet wanted a judge to help with their search for a Gongman competition, I jumped at the chance. To celebrate Rank’s 75th anniversary, the organisation are holding a nationwide search for a new Gongman, the iconic figure seen at the start of the Rank films. The winner of the nationa... »

Rank Deal Suspended

Rank Deal Suspended

Rank Deal Suspended, Full Investigation Just when it looked as it was so close to completing the Rank deal is now subject to a full Competition Commission investigation. The acquisition of Gala Coral Casino division would have made them the largest UK Casino Operator catapulting them above Gentings Casinos.The Office of fair Trading has raised concerns that could see the whole Rank Deal suspended ... »

Rank Group Increase Profits

Rank Group Increase Profits

Rank Group Rewards Its Share Holders Despite the economical downturn and the reported double dip recession Grosvenor Casinos continue to increase there profits and go from strength to strength. Perhaps it in this time of apparent decline people need a release or Grosvenor Casinos are providing exactly what people want on a night out , somewhere fun, vibrant, good food and great entertainment. They... »

G Newcastle Grosvenor

Grosvenor Casino G Newcastle

Grosvenor Casino G Newcastle GAMES TABLES MIN STAKE MAX STAKE American Roulette  5 £0.25 £200.00 Blackjack  4 £2.00 £1000.00 Three Card Poker  1 £ £ Super Stud Poker  1 £ £ FACILITIES & SERVICES AT Grosvenor Casino G Newcastle Bars Cocktails  Bar Snacks Menu Disabled Facilities Jackpot Slots IGT Slot Machines Novomatic V+ Gaminators Live Sports Parking Poker Room Restaurants Menu Smoking Facil... »

Grosvenor G Newcastle GM

Drop and Result Grosvenor Newcastle G Casino Adam Evans

An Interview With ! Adam Evans  Grosvenor Newcastle G Casino GM  At C4D we have started a new section called Drop & Result bringing you the people who bring the life into the Casinos. The people who do all the little things behind the scenes to ensure that when you visit your local Casino, YOU have a great night out. Giving you an insight into the world of Casinos, real people in real time in ... »

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