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Gala Deal of with Grosvenor

Rank Acquire Gala Casinos For £179 Million

Rank Acquire Gala Deal Done ! Originally the deal was referred to the Competition Commission as it was feared that this would reduce customer choice and value but after careful consideration from the Commission it has been decided that the deal can Happen On 12 May 2012 The Rank Group Plc (“Rank”) announced that it had conditionally agreed to acquire Gala Casinos Limited (“GCL”) from Gala Coral Gr... »

Gala Dundee closes

Gala Dundee Closes its Doors

Gala Dundee Closed Another chapter in the Gala Coral story. It may be due to the selling of the Gala Casinos to the Rank Group (Grosvenor Casino’s) or just down to the lack of custom in Dundee.However it makes no difference to those who worked there as Gala Dundee has now closed its doors. A Gala spokeswoman said: “I can confirm the casino in Dundee is going to close on February 16. We are n... »

Gala Casinos A History

Gala Casinos A History

Gala Casino History Now that the sale of Gala Casinos is on the cards I asked some one who worked at both  Stakis Casinos and Gala Casinos to put together a brief story of how they became Gala Casinos Group, as soon this may be the end of Gala as we know it today Sir Reo Stakis (born Argyros Anastasis) (13 March 1913 – 28 August 2001) was a Scottish-Cypriot hotel magnate, Stakis 1964 Stakis ... »

Gala Deal of with Grosvenor

Rank Gala Deal Done

Rank Gala Deal Done:It has finally happened ! There is a few fine details to overcome Rank is to pay Gala Coral £205 million making it the biggest operator with 58 Casinos. The deal was confirmed in statement today (Sat 12.05.12). The initial payment will be £182 million and the rest will be held in escrow. The previous stumbling blocks have now all been addressed. The deal does not include the Ga... »

Gala Deal of with Grosvenor

Rank Gala Deal Back On

Rank Gala Deal Back on Rank are about to announce that the deal is back on the table, it has only been a few short weeks ago that the initial talks  has ended and the deal was definitely  OFF. Reported price this time is £200 m. Analyst said that previously the sticking points had arisen around the pensions and property that Gala no longer actually owned. The solutions to both problems now seem to... »

Gala Deal of with Grosvenor

Rank Not to Buy Gala The Deal is Off

Bingo and casino operator Rank has pulled out of talks to buy the casino operations of Gala Coral, a £250m deal that would have transformed the business into the UK’s biggest casino operator. But following two months of discussions, Rank has terminated the discussions after failing to agree a price that would have been acceptable to its shareholders. Adding the 24 casinos owned by debt-laden... »

Gala Baracuda

Gala Barracuda Casino London Gala Coral

Gala Barracuda  After recently having been refurbished the Gala Barracuda has a plush stylish feel and a sense of ease, recently Gala has had the for sale boards up and Grosvenor Casinos (Ranks) have expressed a interest in acquiring them. The Gala Barracuda is now open 24/7 and is situated in Baker st London. This is 1 of 4 Casinos in London for the Gala Coral group, the others being Gala Tottenh... »