Sports Betting

Applying statistical methods to your sportsbook promotions

BY VLADISLAV HVECKOVICS, CIO & CO-FOUNDER OF SOFTGAMINGS   Given today’s stage of technology development, it’s only logical to start using more sophisticated tools for your player’s data analysis. Advanced data analysis is based on the premise that given the complexities and volume of data, a human selecting attributes for promotions and creating rewards might do a much worse job than a c... »

Facts about online sports betting

Sports betting is an integral part of sports and interest increases in it along with the interest of people in sports. Some people think that gambling threatens the sport’s integrity. In most of the states in the United States, sports betting is considered illegal, though there are states that allow sports betting. The odds of sports betting are presented in the fractional odds, decimal odds or th... »

Betting Systems and What Are Betting Systems

Betting Systems and What Are Betting Systems

Betting Systems   What Are Betting Systems All betting systems are based on mathematical equations and predictions. A simple formula to edge the betting strategy in your favour. The simplest betting system is simply doubling the bet each time you lose and eventually you will win. The only downside is most of us do not have a bottomless pit of money to keep doubling our bets. Betting Systems :... »